How to Ship Your Belongings to Another State

Moving out of state comes with logistical challenges, especially figuring out the best way to transport your household goods. With preparation and strategic planning, you can securely ship your belongings to your new home in another state. This guide covers helpful tips for interstate moves.


Moving to a new home in a different state involves arranging long-distance transportation for your furniture, clothing, valuables, and other possessions. You'll need to determine the best method, organize items methodically, and coordinate delivery.

This article outlines key steps for shipping household goods to another state. Whether you are moving yourself or hiring movers, these tips will help you develop a smooth moving plan. With attention to detail, you can avoid hassles and ensure your belongings arrive securely.

Decide on Shipping Method

Select a cost-effective option that fits your relocation needs:

Full Service Mover

Movers pack, load, drive, and unload your belongings professionally. Convenient but more expensive.

Rent Moving Truck

Renting a truck allows you to self-move at lower cost. More work but flexible.

Shipping Containers

Portable containers (PODS) offer secure storage and shipping. You pack it, they move it.

Pack and Organize Belongings

Pack systematically using proven tips:

Sort and Purge

Decide what to move vs. donate. Organize by room for easy unpacking.

Box and Wrap Fragile Items

Use quality boxes and bubble wrap to prevent damage.

Label Boxes

Detail contents and destination room. Number boxes.

Arrange Logistics

Line up key moving arrangements:

Get Moving Quotes

Compare costs between movers and self-moving options.

Schedule Pickup and Delivery

Book dates that align with your move-out and move-in schedule.

Arrange Insurance

Confirm what's covered by mover or your homeowners insurance. Purchase added protection if needed.

Prepare Your New Home

Get your new place move-in ready:

Clean and Declutter

Dispose of junk left by previous residents. Fresh coat of paint makes it feel new.

Assemble Furniture

Put together beds, tables, and shelves before the movers arrive.

Unpack Right Away

Unpacking immediately makes the new house feel like home faster.

Change Address and Alert Relevant Parties

Notify key contacts like:

Post Office - Forward mail.

Financial Institutions - Update address for accounts.

Government Agencies - Change address for benefits, licenses, etc.

Utilities - Set up services at new address.

With detailed coordination and preparation, you can successfully ship your home furnishings and valuables to your new out-of-state residence.


How far in advance should I plan a move? Ideally 2-3 months in advance. This gives time to sort belongings, research movers, and handle address changes smoothly.

Can I pack my own POD/shipping container? Yes, packing it yourself saves money compared to full-service movers. Just be sure fragile items are well-protected.


Moving out of state can feel daunting. But strategic planning and methodical preparation will get your belongings to your new home securely. With quality movers or a self-move, you'll settle into your new state and make it feel like home again.

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