How to sell your house in 5 days

Selling a home typically takes weeks or months. But with the right prep work and aggressive marketing, you can reduce the sales timeline and close within 5 days. This guide covers proven tips for selling lightning fast.


Few home sellers have the luxury of waiting months for a buyer. Job relocations, urgent moves, foreclosures, and other needs can motivate you to sell now rather than later.

While closing in 5 days or less requires effort, preparation, and compromise, it is possible when you price aggressively, market efficiently, and act decisively when offers come through.

This article outlines steps for selling in days rather than weeks or months. With a flexible, motivated approach, you can minimize headaches and move on quickly.

Prepare Your Home for a Quick Sale

Buyers want move-in ready homes. Making your house shine puts you ahead:

Declutter and Clean

Pack away clutter, then clean thoroughly. A spotless house seems more appealing.

Make Minor Repairs

Fix minor issues like leaky faucets, damaged walls, doors not closing properly, etc.

Stage Your Home

Decluttered, clean spaces decorated in neutral tones encourage buyers to imagine living there.

Get an Appraisal

Know your home's true market value before setting a price. This also streamlines buyer financing.

Price Your Home Right

The "right" price means:

Compare to Recent Sales

Check prices of recent comparable home sales in your area. Price competitively.

Factor in Condition and Location

Homes in great shape or desirable locations merit higher pricing. Adjust accordingly.

Leave Room to Negotiate

Pricing 5-10% above your bottom line leaves room for bargaining.

Market Aggressively

Spread the word far and wide that your motivated seller:

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Experienced agents tap into broad buyer networks. Many have waiting buyer lists.

List on Multiple Websites

Get maximum exposure by listing on Zillow, Trulia,, etc.

Hold Open Houses

Open houses, even during the week, attract interested buyers.

Leverage Social Media

Post on neighborhood Facebook pages and other social media.

Act Fast When You Get an Offer

Sealing the deal quickly once you get an offer prevents losing eager buyers.

Negotiate Efficiently

Respond to offers promptly. Negotiate politely but firmly.

Concede on Price if Needed

Within reason, take the best offer you can get. Waiting for more risks losing the buyer.

Streamline Inspections and Appraisal

Coordinate these efficiently. Don't nitpick small issues.

Be Flexible on Closing Date

Closing as soon as possible, even within 5 days, keeps the momentum going.

Alternatives if You Can't Sell in 5 Days

If no buyers bite within 5 days, you can:

Lower Your Price

Dropping the price, even below market value, attracts more interested buyers.

Accept a Cash Offer

Cash buyers can close immediately without financing hurdles.

Rent Your Home

Renting buys time to sell later when buyers are more plentiful.

With the right preparations and selling strategy tailored to your motivations, selling your house within 5 days is an ambitious yet achievable goal.

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