How to clean igloo ice maker

Igloo ice makers are popular for their efficiency and convenience in producing ice quickly. Like all appliances, they require regular maintenance to ensure hygiene and optimal performance. This article provides a detailed guide on how to clean your Igloo ice maker effectively.

Why Regular Cleaning is Essential

Health and Hygiene

Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of bacteria and mold, ensuring the ice produced is safe for consumption.

Enhanced Performance

Dirt and scale buildup can impede the ice maker's function, reducing efficiency. Regular cleaning maintains its performance.

Longevity of the Appliance

Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your ice maker, saving costs on early replacements.

Preparing for Cleaning

Gather Necessary Supplies

  • Soft cloth or sponge
  • Mild dish soap
  • White vinegar or a commercial ice maker cleaner
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Clean water

Unplug and Empty the Ice Maker

Safety first: Unplug the appliance and remove any ice and water from it.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning the Interior

  1. Create a Cleaning Solution: Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water or follow the instructions on a commercial cleaner.
  2. Wipe the Interior: Dip the cloth or sponge in the solution and gently wipe the interior surfaces.
  3. Scrub the Hard-to-Reach Areas: Use a soft-bristled brush for crevices and corners.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly: Wipe down the interior with a cloth dampened with clean water.

Cleaning the Exterior

  1. Mild Soap Solution: Mix mild dish soap with water.
  2. Wipe Down the Exterior: Gently clean the exterior surfaces with the soap solution.
  3. Dry Completely: Use a dry cloth to wipe down the exterior, preventing water spots.

Cleaning the Water Reservoir and Ice Bin

  1. Remove and Clean Separately: Take out the water reservoir and ice bin.
  2. Soak and Scrub: Soak them in the cleaning solution, then scrub gently.
  3. Rinse and Dry: Rinse with clean water and dry completely before reassembling.

Reassembling and Post-Cleaning Checks

  1. Reassemble the Parts: Ensure all parts are dry and reassemble them.
  2. Plug in the Appliance: Reconnect the power.
  3. Run a Cleaning Cycle: If your model has this feature, run a cleaning cycle before making ice.

Maintenance Tips for Longevity

  • Regular Cleaning Schedule: Clean your ice maker every 3-6 months.
  • Use Filtered Water: Reduces mineral buildup.
  • Store Correctly: If not in use, store the ice maker in a clean, dry place.


Maintaining your Igloo ice maker isn’t just about cleanliness; it’s crucial for your health, the appliance's efficiency, and longevity. Regular, thorough cleaning ensures you enjoy safe, high-quality ice and get the most out of your investment.


Q: Can I use bleach to clean my Igloo ice maker? A: It's best to avoid harsh chemicals like bleach. Stick to mild detergents or natural cleaners like vinegar.

Q: How often should I clean my Igloo ice maker? A: Ideally, clean it every 3-6 months, or more frequently with heavy use.

Q: Can buildup in the ice maker affect the taste of the ice? A: Yes, mineral and mold buildup can affect both the taste and quality of the ice.

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