What is Verified Fan

Verified Fan is a program implemented by Ticketmaster to ensure that genuine fans have a better chance of purchasing tickets for concerts and events, while minimizing the presence of scalpers and resellers [1]. The program involves a registration and verification process that aims to vet fans before they can buy tickets, as well as block bots and scalpers [1].

Here's how the Verified Fan program typically works:

  1. Registration: Fans interested in purchasing tickets for a specific artist or event need to register for the Verified Fan program. This usually requires creating or logging into a Ticketmaster account and providing personal information such as name, email address, and phone number [2].
  2. Verification: After registration, Ticketmaster verifies the authenticity of the fans by confirming that they are not bots and do not have a history of irregular ticket-buying behavior [2]. This process helps ensure that real fans have a fair chance of obtaining tickets.
  3. Access Codes and Sales: Once verified, fans may receive access codes that grant them priority access to ticket sales or presales [2]. These access codes are typically sent via text message or email. Fans can then use these codes to purchase tickets directly from Ticketmaster.
  4. Anti-Scalping Measures: The Verified Fan program aims to reduce the presence of scalpers and resellers in the ticket-buying process. By implementing this program, Ticketmaster intends to allocate more tickets directly to genuine fans, rather than allowing them to be quickly purchased and resold at inflated prices on secondary markets [2].
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