What should a chemical engineer resume include?

Chemical engineering combines the science of chemistry with the principles of business administration. However, the primary responsibility of the chemical engineer is to ensure that a proposed product is profitable for the company to manufacture without compromising productivity or quality level. Although this goal remains key to most, most chemical engineers choose to specialize in different areas of the chemical engineering process, such as product testing or research and development. This means that the typical chemical engineer can perform many different roles, and must demonstrate the ability to do so competently when deciding what to include on their resume.

An effective chemical engineer resume should include a mission statement. This is where one would express an interest in developing further skills and experience in the area of chemical engineering in which the candidate has chosen to specialize. However, unless you intend to tailor your chemical engineer resume to a specific job with a description that completely matches your current career goal, try not to be too limited in terms of immediate goals.

The next item to include is a bulleted list of educational credentials. Begin each line by naming the degree or certification received, followed by the name of the college or university and the year of graduation. It is neither necessary nor advisable to embellish this section with additional information about scholarships you have won, that comes later, or point out the fact that you attended an Ivy League school. However, if you are a recent graduate who lacks significant work experience, you may include your GPA or GPA.

The next part of the resume should include a complete list of positions held, presented in chronological order. This is the very meat of a chemical engineering resume and should contain a sprinkling of tasty catchphrases to whet the reader's appetite. In other words, avoid presenting a boring description of daily duties and focus on precise contributions and achievements, not just for yourself, but also for your previous employers. Consider this marketing twist because that's exactly what it is. After all, you're selling yourself as a final destination in terms of the prospective employer or recruiter looking no further to fill the job, and your chemical engineer resume is the travel brochure.

Then include any honors or awards you have received. This is where you can mention scholarships as well as any internships done. If applicable, you can also create a subsection to include any professional organizations you belong to that are related to chemical engineering. It's also a good idea to take into account any second languages you speak, if any. Finally, the resume should end with a single separate line in italics, which reads: “ References available upon request. "

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