What is young guy?

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What Does young guy Mean

He is called a boy to a man young . Although there is no exact delimitation of the concept, it is generally used to refer to adolescents and subjects up to about 40 years of age.

For example: “A very nice boy helped me cross the street” , “Tonight I am going to have dinner with the boys” , “Two boys were arrested for causing a disturbance on the public highway” .
Among the words that can function as synonyms for boy we find lad, boy, waiter, young man, boy, or even rapacious.
It should be noted that the idea can also be used in feminine: girl . In this case, it is linked to women who are living their youth: "In the house next door lives a girl who won an important literary award" , "The girls and I have decided that we are going to spend the holidays on the beach" , "The old man began to yell at the girl, who did not hesitate to call the police . "

Sometimes the notion of boy is used to name a group of friends , regardless of their age . A 60- year-old, to cite one case, may name his friends "the boys," even when they are all around six decades old. In this context, the term takes on an affectionate or affectionate connotation.
It is important to mention that the word boy (or its plural boys ) appears frequently in the titles of songs, movies, TV shows, etc. "Muchacho" is a tango with music by Edgardo Donato and lyrics by Celedonio Flores and a film released in 1970 with a performance by Sandro . "Good boys" , meanwhile, is how the Martin Scorsese film whose original title is "Goodfellas" was known in some countries .
Likewise, we have to establish that Muchachito Bombo Inferno is the name of a musical group that hails from Barcelona. He began his professional career in 2004 and is led by Jairo Perera, who is known by the nickname "Muchachito". This band has four albums on the market and among their most famous songs are singles such as "Paquito Tarantino", "It will be better", "Whenever I want", "I wish I had never met you" or "The night of the cats".
In the same way, we cannot ignore that "The Persian Boy" is the title of a novel by the British writer Mary Renault (1905 - 1983). It is a work framed within the historical genre, which was published in 1972 and whose protagonist is Bagoas. This is a young Persian who belongs to an aristocratic family and who is kidnapped by his father's enemies. They castrate him and sell him as a slave to King Darius III.
That king makes Bagoas his favorite, but the young man eventually ends up becoming the lover of Alexander the Great, who will defeat the aforementioned monarch and capture the so-called Persian Empire.

In the same way, it must be borne in mind that the term boy can also be used to refer to the 'errand boy', for example. In that case, words such as messenger, messenger, and even buttons are synonymous with it.

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