What is wrong?

What Does wrong Mean

The first thing we are going to establish is the etymological origin of the term that we are dealing with now. Specifically, it derives from Latin, more precisely from the word “malus”, which can be translated as “bad” or “not good”.

The term bad can be used as an adjective or as a noun . In the first case, it is used before a singular masculine noun to qualify it as bad or negative .
For example: "It seems to me that it is a bad plan, we better think something else" , "Your cousin is a bad guy, I am not interested in knowing anything about him" , "I am tired of the bad service of this telephone company: I am going to change my operator as soon as possible ” .
As a noun , the idea of ​​evil alludes to that which is opposite to good . Evil, therefore, is a departure from honesty and legality: “I already explained to my son that it is wrong to act that way” , “I think Sergio was wrong, but you should forgive him” , “The president considers that the deputies misbehaved by refusing to debate ” .

The injury , damage or damage that is done or received can also be named as wrong: "Roxana's words did me a lot of harm" , "I do not want to do you harm, but I ask you please to leave" , "The The evil that mining activity caused in this region can never be repaired ” .
In society it is said that, since the world is world, there is what is Good and Evil. The first is what is considered moral, good and worthy of imitation, while the second is the opposite.
In the cinema we find a great variety of films that use the term that we are dealing with in their titles. This would be the case, for example, of the film "Beyond Good and Evil", which was released in 1977. It was directed by Liliana Cavani, is based on the homonymous book and tells of the relationship between Nietzsche, Lou-Andreas Salomé and Paul Rée.
In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as the evil eye. This term refers to the belief in many societies that there are people who can cause harm, disease and even misfortune to other individuals. Thus, someone who believes that a person has wished him badly can say that he has put the evil eye on him.
Precisely against this evil eye there are different objects that are considered to protect against it. We are referring to elements such as the so-called Eye of Horus, the Aravaca cross or even amber.
In medicine , a disease , disorder or disease is called a misnomer . The Alzheimer's disease , to cite one case, a neurodegenerative disease, the death of neurons and brain regions atrophy, causes a progressive loss of cognitive abilities and memory. The Chagas disease and Parkinson 's disease are other problems that can affect health.

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