What is worse?

What Does worse Mean

Worse is a concept that comes from the Latin word peior . It can be used as a comparative adjective or as an adverb , depending on the context. The worst, for example, is something that is less suitable or beneficial compared to something else : “I bought the new version of the soccer game, but it seemed worse than the previous one” , “These pants are of a lower quality than the other” , "in terms of numbers, the current campaign team is worse than last year" .

The term worst can also be used to refer to what is opposite to what is beneficial , what is profitable or, on a broader level, what is good : "The worst thing that can happen to you is having a boss with these characteristics" , "There is nothing worse than going on vacation and forgetting the mobile phone at home ” , “ Roberto is angry with me: he says that lending money to Mauricio is the worst thing he could have done ” .

The idea of ​​the worst can be understood as an exacerbation of the bad : if losing a hundred dollars at the casino is bad, losing two hundred dollars is worse . What is considered the worst can also be the lowest, negative or harmful on a hypothetical scale. In this way, someone may think that filmmaker X is the worst director in the history of cinema (that is, for this person, there is no less talented director).
The opposite notion of worse is better (the exaltation of the good or positive): “Lionel Messi is the best soccer player today” , “Nintendo is the best video game company in history” , “Mariah Carey is the best American singer-songwriter of recent times » . As with the concept of "worst", there is an undeniable subjectivity when using this term in most cases.
Worst prisons in the world
For many people, going to prison represents the worst that could happen to them, although this does not always reflect a true notion of prison conditions. Today, thanks to various movements that try to improve the quality of life of inmates and reduce sentences, there are more and more prisons that offer considerate treatment and study and social reintegration programs to their inmates. As can be seen below, however, this is not always the case.
Bang kwang
Ironically it is called the Hilton Hotel , although it is far from offering a pleasant stay to people. It is in Thailand and the reasons that place it on the list of the worst prisons are many: iron balls cling to prisoners' feet; there is not enough food and water for everyone, so survival is exclusive to the strongest; there are violent fights and murders very frequently; 25 years is the minimum sentence period for those who have the misfortune to pass through its facilities; the death sentence touches 10% of its population.

In this prison in Tibet, there is no terrible violence on the part of the inmates, but they are the victims of the dangers that lie behind its high walls. What has linked the concept of worst to Drapchi is that guards often deliberately shoot prisoners and force them to play Russian roulette.
As in many others, in this Turkish prison there are many suicides by the prisoners, since the conditions to which they are subjected are unbearable. There are numerous violations of their rights, among which the shortage of food can be mentioned, and this leads many of them to take their lives in ways as horrible as burning themselves.

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