What is world?

What Does world Mean

Mundial , from the Latin mundiālis , is something linked to the entire world . The world , for its part, is a concept used to name the planet Earth or the group made up of all human beings .

For example: "The world economy would grow by 2.8% in 2013, driven by the good Chinese performance" , "Experts argue that global violence has its origin in inequality and lack of dialogue" , "The Brazilian company is a world leader in the production of paper ” .
The adjective world, therefore, encompasses all countries . An event of worldwide repercussion is one that reaches all corners of the planet. Thus, global is broader than local , national , regional or continental , which are other adjectives that refer to geographical groupings.

A World Cup , generally written with a capital letter, is a sports championship in which nations from all over the world can participate. It is common for regional qualifying stages to take place for the best teams to reach the main competition.
The Soccer World Cup (or World Cup) is the main sporting event at the international level. The first tournament was played in 1930 , consecrating Uruguay , while the most recent took place in 2010 and ended with the title for Spain .
A sports competition is in which in addition to lifting the cup the teams, their players, individually, aspire to get the so-called Golden Ball. This is a trophy that is awarded to those footballers who are considered to have been the best of the entire aforementioned championship.
Throughout its history, the World Cup has awarded athletes such as Diego Maradona, Brazilians Romario and Ronaldo, Oliver Kahn from Germany, Diego Forlán from Uruguay and Zinedine Zidane from France for their quality and technique.
And all this without forgetting that the highest scorer in each World Cup is recognized. Among the most important are the Frenchman Just Fontaine who in the 1958 Swedish championship managed to score thirteen goals, the Hungarian Sandor Kocsis who scored eleven goals in the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland or the German Gerd Müller who beat the rival goal ten times during the competition that was held in Mexico in 1970.
In the sports field, we must not ignore the Formula 1 World Championship, which is the one that is responsible for encompassing all the Grand Prix that are held annually. Among the great figures of this type of competition, pilots such as the Spanish Fernando Alonso, the German Michael Schumacher, the French Alain Prost, the Austrian Niki Lauda, ​​the Brazilian Ayrton Senna, the British Nigel Mansell or the Canadian Jacques have already made their mark. Villeneuve.
In some sports , there are several world champions, as there is more than one organization in charge of promoting the tournaments. That is the case of the boxing , governed by institutions such as the World Boxing Council , the World Boxing Association 's, World Boxing Organization and International Boxing Federation .

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