What is wig?

What Does wig Mean

It is called wig to artificial hair or false . It can be made with hair and is often used to hide baldness , although there are other reasons.

It must be stated that there are different theories about the etymological origin of the term wig. However, the one that gains more force is the one that states that it derives from the French “perruque”. A word is that, in turn, comes from the Latin "pilus", which can be translated as "hair".
When someone loses their hair as a result of alopecia , disease, or other medical problems, they may want to cover up the lack of hair with a wig. In these cases, the wig is intended to be as natural as possible.

Wigs can also be used for ritual or ceremonial purposes . In some countries , judges wear a wig as a symbol of their status.
It is common, on the other hand, for people to resort to wigs at costume parties . This type of wig is not intended to imitate the appearance of hair, but quite the opposite: it stands out for its bright colors and its format. Anyone who wants to attract attention in a celebration, in this framework, can wear a blue wig or a green wig , to mention two possibilities.
For actors and actresses, wigs are very important elements when it comes to characterization . These items can be used to simulate a greater or lesser age , or to achieve a physical resemblance to him whom it is intended to embody.
Suppose a bald actor is to play Axl Rose , the Guns N 'Roses singer who always sported a broad cape, in a film. For this role, the protagonist of the film will need to wear a red wig that imitates Rose's hair , in addition to resorting to makeup and other resources that give credibility to his performance.
In addition to all the above, it must be emphasized that there are different types of wigs. However, among the most significant there are two: natural wigs, which, as their name suggests, are made with human hair, and synthetic wigs. These, for their part, are those that are made with synthetic fibers and using standard manufacturing molds.
Many are the people who prefer to use natural wigs, although they have a higher price, than synthetic ones. This is because the former bring advantages such as the following:

-They have a much less artificial appearance.

-They have a higher quality.

-In the same way, it must be emphasized that they have greater durability.
However, those who opt for synthetics do so because they have in their favor that they are cheaper and require easier maintenance. In the same way, it should not be overlooked that they do not need to be hydrated periodically and that they are very easy to comb.

Also, then within the natural wigs and those made of synthetic fibers we find other models: straight wigs, curly wigs, short wigs, mid-length wigs, long wigs ... Not forgetting that they can later be found in different colors.

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