What is White?

What Does White Mean

White is the spectrum in which all colors are present ; in other words, it is the color of sunlight that is not decomposed into the different colors of the spectrum. Some elements known with this tonality are snow and cotton.

Let's see this term in context: “My grandfather always wore a white hat that he had bought in Cuba” , “I would like to paint the wall white, but I'm afraid it will get dirty and mark easily” , “The young man was killed by a car target that fled ” .
Beyond the different definitions that can be made about the color white, the term is used as an adjective to refer to a thing that has more clarity in color compared to others of the same species; This can be seen, for example, in the case of white wine (as opposed to red ) and white bread (as an option over black ), since these are two products whose real color is not white.

Whites are, on the other hand, individuals belonging to the Caucasian or European race ; They receive this name because of the difference in color that their skin shows compared to other races (black, yellow, red): "The Cordovan team is testing a white pivot who has just played in the Polish league" , "The blacks have better athletic ability than whites ” .
Too many are the stories of discrimination that many human beings have suffered throughout history just for not belonging to the white race, the supposed color of superiority and purity . And it is not a mere act of isolated contempt: persecution, slavery , excessive aggression, spontaneous attacks that arise from a deep-rooted hatred in millions of people towards those who do not wear similar skin.
In this century, in this decade, young people remember being shot because of their race; families whose dinners were interrupted by a stone being thrown at the window of their home, for the absurd reason of having multiracial children. Those who have traveled the world, surely have witnessed or suffered the difference in treatment that immigrants receive according to the color of their skin.
The racism is found in the genome of our societies, and feeds expressions and concepts such as the analogy between white and clean , as opposed to black and dirty . Christian brides wear white to symbolize their purity; If they had stained his name and that of his parents, then he could not wear that color, but a darker one ... how about black?

The list of negative connotations that black receives in our language, always reinforced by positive aspects of white, continues. Take, for example, the use of the expression black age to refer to a time of great suffering. In some cases, it can be unfortunate coincidences, as with the concepts of light and dark , which are undeniably linked to different degrees of visibility and ease of moving around the environment.
It is said that a person is white or turns white when a fright or a strong emotion causes him to lose the usual color of his face: "Darío went white when he saw his sister enter the room" , "I tried to be calm, but when they pointed the revolver at me, I turned white . "
Other uses of the word target are linked to the target used in the target shooting exercises, which has a circular shape and a design of concentric circles, and to the gaps or intermediates that exist between two things or situations: "I would like to practice target shooting" , "Between the first class and the second, I have a three-hour blank that I don't know how to fill . "

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