What is whipper-snapper?

What Does whipper-snapper Mean

The etymology of mequetrefe leads us to the Hispanic Arabic muẖaṭríf , in turn derived from the classical Arabic muḡaṭrif or muẖaṭrif (which can be translated as “arrogant” ). The term, according to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), is used in colloquial language to refer to an intrusive, inopportune or boisterous individual .

It is frequently used, in any case, with reference to an insignificant subject either in terms of morality or their physical makeup . A fool is someone who lacks relevance or significance .

For example: "I'm not going to let any fool tell me what to do in my work, I am a professional with twenty years of experience" , "That fool intends to fight me? I think I weigh twice as much as him and I am about fifty centimeters taller ... " , " That squirt thinks he's a great man but he's just a poor devil . "
The idea of squat can also be used to refer to a child : “I was just a squat when I first flew by plane” , “Today on television I saw a squat telling jokes that made me laugh a lot” , “When I was a squat I tried to make a cardboard rocket but the result was a fiasco ” .
“Mequetrefe” , on the other hand, is the title of a song by Arca . This non-binary genre singer, born as Alejandro Ghersi in Venezuela and based in Spain , performs experimental and electronic music.
Finally , Mequetrefe is a rock band founded in Santiago de Compostela ( Spain ) in 2007 . His first album ( "Play Off" ) was released in 2010 .

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