What is whip?

What Does whip Mean

Rebenque is the name given to the whip that, in South America , is used to whip horses . It is a short whip, made of leather and with a handle made of wood, which is used to force the horse to move forward or move faster.

In ancient times, the whip was also used as a weapon in close combat. The gauchos could take a knife with one hand and the whip with the other, increasing their chances of wounding the opponent.
Because, in general, they traveled on horseback through the Pampas region, the gauchos used to always carry a whip with them. In this way, the rebenque was part of the accessories and clothing for everyday use, such as the facón or the poncho .

According to their characteristics, the whippers can be classified in different ways. The ring whip is the one with a short handle, made with iron or wood of great hardness. Other types of whip are the arreador and the talero . Let's see its main characteristics below:
* Ring whip : it is the most primitive class, although it continues to be the preferred one for working the field on horseback, and also for trainers and herdsmen. A bracelet hangs from the ring at the upper end that allows the flange to be hung from the wrist ;
* rebenque arreador : it is the most important of the whips and whips, and is used by bosses , which is why it symbolizes the leadership role and, especially in the past, had the purpose of accentuating the hierarchy of the workers;
* Talero whip : it has a thick and long handle, with a handle much harder than that present in other types of whip. Among the activities for which it is used, dressage stands out.
The whip is often confused with the whip , another element used to prod horses. There are, however, differences in size between the different elements that make up these instruments .
For all these reasons, the whip is an element that is constituted as a symbol of American rural life and man field . This means that many businesses linked to these issues bear the name of "rebenque": restaurants that specialize in grill , saddlery , etc.
Unfortunately, as in other cases, the fact that the rebenque is a symbol of a certain group in society does not mean that we should accept it as something positive or enriching. Let us not forget that it is an instrument of mistreatment , both for what it directly causes the horse and for the system it allows to sustain: an organization created by the human being that relies on mistreatment of other species, whom it enslaves and uses. to your taste.

It is very difficult to understand that we accept so naturally the image of a whip being used to hit a horse but that we are horrified at the mere idea that instead of the animal there is a person. What is the difference between animals and us, the one that justifies that we can exploit them, enslave them, subject them to horrible lives , and that they cannot us?
The whip, the whip, the whip, the stable, the bullring ... Should we accept the existence of these creations? If we seek equal rights, if we wish to live in harmony with nature , with our environment, without trampling the freedom of those around us, then no. The image of the atomic bomb causes us horror, because it served to kill many innocent people in a horrible and unjust way; The same should happen with any instrument that served to deprive a living being, human or not, of his life, his family, his home.

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