What is whim?

What Does whim Mean

It is known as a craving to desire or the claim that usually arises on a whim and whose satisfaction is imperative. For example: “I have a craving for chocolate ice cream” , “You cannot do things as you please: there is a structure in the company that you must respect” , “I am fed up with your cravings” .

The concept is often associated with the sudden wishes that women who are pregnant have . Popular belief indicates that these cravings must be satisfied to avoid various problems in the unborn baby (such as the appearance of spots on their skin). In this way, if a woman, in the middle of the morning, has a craving for apple pie, her husband will surely try to bake or buy the cake in question, even when it is complicated due to the schedule.

As we have mentioned, women during pregnancy are common to have some type of cravings. What's more, there are already different lists that determine which are the most frequent among those future moms. In this way, it is indicated that the ten most common are these: chocolate, bacon, lemon, fruit, ice cream, cheese, French fries or even saltine crackers.
However, another type of ranking has also been shaped in which it is indicated which are, on the other hand, the rarest cravings that have been detected among pregnant women. This would be the case, for example, of ice cream with chili sauce, sausages with jam, watermelon with butter and even cookies with toothpaste.
As is logical, faced with those strange cravings that can be unhealthy, doctors recommend that pregnant women take other measures. Specifically, they tell them to eat something else that might be healthy instead, to think that there are products that may not be beneficial for their children, or to go outside to distract themselves. Likewise, it is established that you can also choose to do some exercise and even listen to music, watch television ...
The hormonal changes that are experienced, the possible deficiency of vitamin B in the body, the anxiety that can be felt and even the need for attention are some of the possible causes that are considered responsible for the aforementioned cravings among pregnant women.
The idea of ​​craving is also used to name the personal desire or ambition that an individual seeks to satisfy selfishly, without taking into account the will of others or the possible consequences of their action. The person who acts at will, in this framework, does what he wants. This kind of behavior, of course, can generate all kinds of inconveniences (at work, in the family, with the law, etc.).
What is desired in a capricious way, beyond reason and logic , is also known as a craving: "Since I started working, the car was my craving" , "In my adolescence, traveling Europe as a backpacker was my craving " , " Those shoes are my whim: one day I'll buy them . "

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