What is whim?

What Does whim Mean

The etymology of capricho leads us to capriccio , a word from the Italian language. A whim is a decision or a demand that is arbitrary and whose origin is found in a whim .

For example: "I'm not going to sell my car because of your whims" , "I'm sick of your whims!" , "My daughter bought a pink wallet on a whim and then never used it . "
The concept also applies to the element , the animal or the individual that is the object of a whim: "The singer the new whim cost thirty thousand dollars" , "The model was just another whim of the Hollywood star" , " I explained to my son that dogs are not a fad ” .

For psychology , a whim is an idea that a person develops outside of logic and reasonableness . These are thoughts that are not constructed according to ordinary rules and that are often linked to the eccentric.
When whims are adopted by children, they often speak of a tantrum or tantrum . A 4-year-old may cry and scream if his parents don't indulge his whims. In the case of pregnant women, cravings are known as the desires that they try to fulfill in a capricious way.
In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore the fact that in the city of Madrid there is a very important place that bears the term we are dealing with in its name. We are referring to the famous Parque del Capricho, located in the Alameda de Osuna neighborhood.
About 14 hectares of extension has this place that has its origin in the eighteenth century. And it was in the year 1787 when the Duchess of Osuna ordered it to be built. Construction that would last from then until 1839.
It should be noted that it is considered the only existing Romanticism park in the Spanish capital and has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. To all the above, it must be added that special corners such as the Casa de la Vieja, the Palace of the Dukes of Osuna, the Swan Pond, the Fountain of the Dolphins or the Obelisk called Saturn's Wheel can be admired.
Among the most peculiar constructions that it has on its grounds is the bunker or refuge of Position Jaca. This, which was erected during the Civil War, was the headquarters of the Republican Army.
In the field of music , a whim is called an animated composition of a free nature. There are also quirks in architecture : in this case, they are decorative elements that arise from the imagination and are used in gardens.
In the same way, in the musical field, it is necessary to highlight a composition for classical guitar entitled "Arab Caprice". It was written by the Castellón musician Francisco Tárrega in 1892 and throughout history it has been played by the best guitarists in the country, such as Andrés Segovia from Jaén.

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