What is wheel?

What Does wheel Mean

A wheel (from the Latin broken ) is a mechanical object that is shaped like a disc and is installed on a shaft so that it rotates around it. It is possible to estimate that each wheel is a simple machine or that the wheels are just another part of a more complex machine.

The wheel is considered a transcendental invention for the development of the human being. It was devised at the end of the Neolithic period, approximately in the V millennium BC. At first it was used in pottery and later its use for the invention of means of transport spread.
The early wheels were made of wood and had a hole in the middle, which allowed them to be inserted into an axle. A decisive step for the development of the wheel was the inclusion of spokes or spokes , which are the bars that rigidly join the center of the wheel with its perimeter region. Radios helped build lighter and therefore faster vehicles.

Iron and bronze were other materials used in the construction of wheels. In the last decades of the 19th century, the first tires for wheels were created , which are the rubber covers that cover the wheel and offer it the grip and friction conducive to the pavement .
Nor can we ignore the fact that there is a fish that is also known by the name of a wheel. Specifically, we are referring to a fish, also called sunfish, which is very common in the Mediterranean area and is characterized by having a circular silver-colored body.
Continuing with the animal world, it must be emphasized that the term we are analyzing is the one used, in the same way, to refer to the way that the peacock makes with its tail when it unfolds its feathers as if it were a fan.
The concept that we study has also become the central axis of a series of expressions that are part of our day to day. This would be the case, for example, of the so-called wheel of fortune, which is a term that refers to the fact that life is continually marked by destiny and chance, in such a way that man alternates good moments and bad in their existence.
In addition there is also the so-called press conference. This is an expression used in the journalistic field that comes to define that meeting of media professionals that takes place from a call made by a public figure. The objective of this meeting is for this character to make a series of statements on a topic of interest and then to answer the questions asked by the reporters present.
The concept of a conference , on the other hand, is used to refer to the circle of individuals or objects: “The president presented his resignation at a press conference” , “A medical conference was convened spontaneously to decide what to do with the sick without care " , " Call the rest of the team: the captain wants to form a wheel so that we can talk face to face with each other " .

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