What is waiter?

What Does waiter Mean

The notion of waiter has multiple uses. This is the name of a young boy or an individual who maintains the characteristics of youth .

The term, in this framework, can be used as a noun or as an adjective . For example: "Who is that waiter who is talking to Laura?" , "You look very handsome in that elegant suit" , "I'm not going to allow any boy to try to woo my girl . "
The waiter and the servant are also called waiter . Whoever is dedicated to serving tables in a restaurant or bar , in this framework, works as a waiter.

A waiter or waiter is in charge of serving food and drinks. Although the specific characteristics of the job depend on each establishment, generally the waiter goes to the kitchen area to look for the dishes and then takes them to the table where the customer is.
The tradition indicates that the groom usually wear a pants in black and white shirt with bow , bow tie or bow tie . Many times he also wears a vest . In any case, the clothing varies according to the place.
It is common, on the other hand, for the waiter to carry with him certain tools that he needs to carry out his work efficiently. There are waiters who use a notepad and a pen to record the diner's order and then report it to the kitchen. An opener or bottle opener , a corkscrew and a rag or cloth are also usually part of your basic equipment.
It should be noted that the waiters, in addition to their salary, receive tips from customers. In some countries the tip is already included in the amount to be paid, while in others the diner decides its amount.
The warehouse waiter , on the other hand, is the person who is in charge of the storage and shipment of the goods of a company. You must check all the incoming and outgoing to ensure the total absence of damage. When he finishes his control tasks, he must sign a delivery form , by means of which he leaves a formal record of the state of things.
Other tasks of the warehouse handler are the loading and unloading of the goods, something they can do by hand or by means of a load handling device such as a forklift or a bull. In the warehouse itself, their role includes deciding where to store products, then tracking the stock level and ordering more units when needed.

In the past, the line , rope or corner porter was the one who offered his services at the busiest crossroads in the towns to carry packages and heavy packages. Its name derives from the use of a rope to tie the merchandise and carry them hanging from its back. In some cases, they were required to display a badge that clearly identified their profession and there were also regulations to limit their fees.
There was also the valet , an office that was carried out in palaces to serve members of royalty. Every morning, he had to fetch his master's clothes , clean them and arrange them on a table and then take them away and help him dress. During the day, she stayed with him except for those times when he expressly requested privacy.
In Catalonia we have the Police of the Generalitat-Mozos de Escuadra . It is the Catalan autonomous police , which belongs to the security forces and has comprehensive powers since 1983. Its origins are much more remote, since its creation took place in the 18th century.

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