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What Does vulgar Mean

From the Latin vulgāris , vulgar is someone or something belonging to or related to the vulgar (the common of the popular people ). The concept refers to that which is unbecoming of people educated or good education . For example: “The player made a vulgar gesture to the rostrum when he was replaced by his coach” , “The pop star proved again that he is a vulgar person by showing himself without underwear in public” , “There is nothing more vulgar than chewing with his mouth open ” .

The so-called curse words , bad words or rudeness are part of vulgarity. The social acceptance of each word is cultural and can only be understood within the framework of a given society . This means that there are terms that are offensive to one people and harmless to others.

The vulgar language , however, transcends the bad words. A person can speak vulgarly without using expletives. If a person tells an old man "walk faster, man, I'm in a hurry" he is being vulgar and disrespectful even when he does not use swear words.
This would lead to vulgar language becoming vulgar on many occasions by using your words to curse and insult other people. Specifically, in this sense, it is usual to use words that can hurt the recipient when referring to their race, nationality, sexual orientation or intellectual capacity, among other things.
The vulgar is also linked to expressions that threaten what is considered sacred or that involve subjects that are taboo (such as sex).
On the other hand, there are gestures (raising the middle finger towards another person), attitudes (picking the nose) and even clothing (that does not cover the private parts) that make a person be considered vulgar.
It is also interesting to note that in ancient times the term vulgar was used to refer to a type of art. More exactly, the expression vulgar arts was used to name all those works that were obtained through a series of manual works and techniques.
Sculpture or painting were thus some of the vulgar arts as well as all those that can be framed within the genre of crafts. In front of all of them were the liberal arts that were those that emanated from an intellectual starting point such as philosophy, astronomy or dialectics, among many others.
Currently within the field of marketing, advertising and commerce the vulgar term is also used. Specifically, it is committed to the vulgarized brand expression. It defines all that registered trademark that has achieved such prestige within its sector that it is used to refer to the entire generic product.
An example of this is the Danone brand, which has now managed to use the term danone or yogurt interchangeably to define the aforementioned dairy food.

Another use of the term, finally, is related to the general or habitual (as opposed to the special or technical): "It is a vulgar and ordinary computer, without great features . "

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