What is VPN?

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What Does VPN Mean

VPN is an acronym that can refer to different issues according to the context. One of its most frequent uses is in technology , where VPN refers to the expression of the English language Virtual Private Network , which can be translated as Virtual Private Network .

A VPN, in this sense, is a secure extension of a LAN ( Local Area Network or Local Area Network ) over the Internet or other public network. Thanks to the VPN, a computer (computer) can receive and send data on public networks or that are shared with the same guarantees of security and functionality of a private network.
VPN technology allows a person who is on vacation at the beach the possibility of accessing their home computer, located 1,000 kilometers away, through the infrastructure provided by the Internet . The VPN also makes it possible for all the establishments of a hotel chain to be interconnected in a secure way.

In recent years, the aforementioned VPN networks have begun to become popular and also to be increasingly used for the different advantages they bring. Specifically, among the most significant we can highlight the following:

-They offer the same service as a traditional local network, but without the need for each and every one of their devices to remain physically connected.

-It is considered that they have greater flexibility than other types of networks that also exist.

-The connection of one device with another through a VPN can be done even if one is on one end of the planet and the second on the opposite end of it.

-They provide maximum security, since access is protected and the connection itself is fully encrypted. In this way, unnecessary risks are avoided. What's more, they usually include what is known as an extra layer of security.
In addition to all the above, we can highlight another series of important data about VPN connections, among which the following take special importance:

-They have become a fundamental pillar to be able to develop what is known as teleworking. And it is that it allows the worker who is outside the office to access all the contents and data of the same from any other place to carry out their tasks, for example, from home.

-In the same way, it should be noted that there are those who use the connections that we are dealing with to make legal downloads from different platforms.
In the field of statistics applied to medicine , NPV is an acronym that corresponds to a Negative Predictive Value . This idea is linked to the probability of developing a certain disease according to the results of a diagnostic test. NPV refers to the probability of not contracting the disease when the test result is negative.
Finally, in finance, NPV is the Net Present Value (also known as NPV : Net Present Value ). It is a process that is developed to estimate the current value of a certain amount of future cash flows, generated through an investment .

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