What is volleyball?

What Does volleyball Mean

Coming from a word in the English language ( volleyball ), volleyball or volleyball is a sport in which two teams compete on a court that is divided in half by a net that is one meter wide. The objective is to push the ball over the net so that it falls on the surface of the rival field , while preventing the same from happening in the own field.

The ball can be propelled with any part of the body , although the most common is that the upper extremities and the hands are used. The hit must be clean, that is, the ball cannot be caught, stopped or pushed. Another important rule of volleyball states that each team has only three touches to send the ball to the opponent's team's court and that a player cannot touch the ball twice in a row.

Each team has six players. Points are obtained when the ball hits the ground in the opponent's court or when the opposing team commits an offense (for example, touching the ball more times than allowed). In the event that a team throws the ball out of the field of play, it will be a point for the rival.
Other volleyball rules are linked to the mandatory rotation of the players (who must change their position at certain moments of the game ), the impossibility of touching the net and the restriction imposed on the Libero player during attack situations, among others.
The beach volleyball or beach is a variety of the sport to be played on the beach and has several modifications regulations regarding the original discipline. Some of these differences are as follows:
* in the beach version , the number of players per team can be 2 or 4;

* the regulatory uniforms are adapted to the thermal conditions of each case;

* Indoor volleyball has an attack zone on the court, delimited by a line just over a meter from the net;

* on the beach it is not mandatory to have a libero player (who has the characteristic of being able to enter and leave the field continuously to replace any of the other members, as long as they are in a defensive position when rotating);

* the type of terrain on which it is played;

* invasion is not judgedso strictly in beach volleyball, as it is more difficult to avoid a slip on the sand;

* in the closed version, each player has an almost exclusive role, while in the other, given the smaller number of people, they all fulfill several roles at the same time;

* if the championship is in pairs, the beach modality does not have rotation, while in the closed one it is mandatory;

* beach volleyball does not support finger strokes;

* the weight of the ball is greater in a closed area;

While volleyball is a very popular sport , it has no way to compete against soccer when it comes to moving the masses. The same occurs with any other discipline, whether sports or not, in most of the world, and this calls into question whether the interest of the people is legitimate or whether it arises from a manipulation to divert attention from social and economic problems. . Machismo is also largely responsible for the supposed generalized taste for football, since it instills in children a kind of obligation that deprives them of freely choosing their hobbies, putting this sport as a synonym of masculinity and, it should be said, locating this quality as normal, necessary and healthy in a man.

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