What is Viscofresh?

Meaning of Viscofresh

Viscofresh is a drug for ophthalmological use which is used to relieve the symptoms of dry eye , a disease characterized by the fact that the eye is unable to maintain a layer of tears on it, which causes the person to begin to see blurry and feel a gritty sensation in the eyeball.

Viscofresh is an eye drop that replaces the tears in the eye and contains a lubricant called carmellose sodium , as previously mentioned, it is used to relieve pain , stinging, irritation or dryness of the eyes.

The dry eye disease for which this drug is used usually occurs in people who are in good health and is more prone to those who are older. Other factors that cause it are exposure to the sun, smoking, work with extreme wind or exposure to air conditioning.

The way in which this treatment is administered is to put a drop in the eye or both if it is the case of viscofresh as many times as necessary . Some precautions that the affected person should consider are: eye pain, vision changes, irritation, if these symptoms persist, the drug should be discontinued and see a doctor.

It should be clear that people who wear contact lenses should remove them up to 15 minutes after applying the medication. It is important to avoid that the dropper does not make contact with the eye since it could contaminate it.

Women who are in the process of breastfeeding (lactation) can use this product normally, just as if you are using another ophthalmological medicine, you should wait 15 to 20 minutes after administering the other product to be able to add the viscofresh.

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