What is video card?

What Does video card Mean

A video card is a hardware device that, in a computer (computer), intervenes in the processing of data that comes from the CPU and converts it into information that can be represented through an output device .

It is interesting to know that this term is made up of two main words with different etymological origins. Thus, plate we have to establish that it derives from the French "plaque", while video comes from Latin. Specifically, from “video”, which means “I see” and which derives, in turn, from the verb “videre”, which can be translated as “see”.
Also known as video card , graphics accelerator card , display adapter or display adapter , which makes the video card is receiving and processing data it sends the CPU (acronym corresponding to Central Processing Unit or Central Unit Processing in our language). This allows you to transform them into images that you send to a monitor , television, or other output device.

You have to know that the video card, which is also known as a graphics card in other countries around the world, is made up of the following elements or components:

-The GPU, which is the graphics processing unit. This in turn is made up of the ROPs and shaders. It is a graphics processor and what it does is download work to the CPU.

-The RAMDAC, which is a converter. Specifically, its mission is to carry out what is the conversion from digital signal to analog signal of the so-called RAM memory.

-The GRAM, which comes to be the graphic random access memory. It is responsible for storing and transporting information.

-The outputs are other of the most important elements of the aforementioned video card. They are responsible for connecting the aforementioned video card with what is the computer monitor. Among the most common outputs are HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort or DVI.
In the same way, other components that make up this video card are the power supply, the cooling devices and the interfaces with the motherboard.
It is important to note that there is a video hardware integrated to the motherboard , motherboard , motherboard or motherboard . Although this option is usually simpler and cheaper than adding a video card, its disadvantage is that it consumes CPU resources . On the other hand, when incorporating a video card via PCI or PCI Express , better performance is obtained.
It is usually possible to disable the onboard hardware and use a video card as an expansion card . In some cases, it is even possible to use both systems simultaneously for the development of different tasks.

It should be noted that the video card that is incorporated into the CPU has its own processor and its own RAM memory . These characteristics, in addition to the interface used to communicate with the CPU , determine its performance.
Nvidia , ASUS, and AMD are among the leading video card manufacturers. Some of their products not only process data and convert it into images, but also provide additional features such as video capture and TV tuning .

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