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What Does vector Mean

Vector is a term that derives from a Latin word and that means “that leads” . A vector is an agent that transports something from one place to another . Its meaning, however, varies according to the context.

A vector can be used to represent a physical quantity , being defined by a module and a direction or orientation. Its geometric expression consists of line segments directed towards a certain side, resembling an arrow . The speed and strength are two examples of vector quantities.
Within this scientific field, and also Mathematics, it is necessary to make it clear that there is a great variety of vectors. In such a way, that we can speak of fixed, parallel, sliding, opposite, concurrent, free or collinear, among many others.

In the same way, it should be emphasized that a significant number of operations can be carried out with these elements. Among the most frequent are the sum, the product by a scalar, obtaining an ordinary derivative, decompositions, the angle between two vectors or the covariant derivative.
For biology , a vector is an agent that can spread or transmit a disease from one organism to another. It is possible to distinguish between the epidemiological vector (which transmits an infectious agent from an affected individual to another that does not yet carry said agent) and the gene vector (which is responsible for transferring genetic information from one organism to another).
In computer science , a vector (also known as a matrix) is a contiguous storage area that houses elements of the same type. It can be understood as a series of elements arranged in rows or columns. The vector offers a structure that facilitates access to the data.
The Vector images are digital images composed of independent geometric objects. These objects (such as polygons or segments) are defined by mathematical attributes that establish their color, position, and other characteristics.
This type of images is commonly used in areas such as the Internet, the creation of fonts, the development and design of graphics or the creation of video games of various kinds, both for consoles and computers or even for applications mobiles.
However, one should not overlook the fact that within the scope of new technologies the term vector is also used in another sense. Specifically, we can say that this word is the one that gives title to a game, of the so-called arcade type, which is located in a future where the freedom of the individual does not exist.
Starting from this premise, it is established that what the participant must do is find the mechanisms to find that aforementioned freedom. For this reason, he will run and jump being chased at all times by a kind of Big Brother who wants to capture him so that he returns to submit to the imposed political system.

A space vector or transport rocket, finally, is a special rocket designed to transport payload from Earth to outer space.

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