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What Does vampire Mean

The concept of vampire , which comes from the French vampire , is often misleading. The term can refer to a mythological creature or a real animal . It also has a symbolic use that applies to certain individuals.

As a fictional being, a vampire is a nocturnal specter that sucks the blood of living beings as a means of subsistence. Vampires are often associated with the undead : that is, with people who, after death, remain active as vampires.
Although there are multiple representations, vampires are often described as beings with sharp fangs , long nails, and pale complexions. These creatures, according to folklore , do not cast a shadow and are not reflected in mirrors either.

As a result of all the legends, rumors and fictional stories that have been written about vampires, there are many other ideas about their characteristics, behaviors and peculiarities. Among them, the following stand out:

-They rest during the day and do it inside a coffin.

-They are thin and very pale in complexion.

-They cannot stand garlic, so on more than one occasion those who tried to kill them have been represented by carrying a string of garlic around their neck.

-They hate crosses, so carrying one is a way to get them to flee or not to attack. And it is considered that this is because they have a demonic origin. Hence, holy water also causes them great harm and that they cannot enter a church.

-The way you can kill a vampire is by driving a wooden stake through the heart.

-It is considered that someone can become a vampire for different reasons: because they have been bitten by one, by a curse after having committed a serious crime, because they have had a violent death, because their funeral ritual was not fulfilled as appropriate or because they were predisposed since he was born.
One of the most popular vampire is Dracula , a character created by writer Bram Stoker in 1897 is inspired by Vlad Tepes , Prince of Wallachia of the fifteenth century . Dracula not only appears in the novel of Stoker but also stars in numerous films and television series.
Throughout the history of cinema, there are many films that have revolved about vampires. From the adaptation of the book by Bram Stoker, made in 1992 by Francis Ford Coppola, to "Interview with the vampire" (1994) through "Nosferatu" (1922).
Vampire is also the name given to bat species that feed through hematophagy : absorbing blood from other animals. These vampires that inhabit the American continent can transmit rabies.
Finally, another meaning of the word is symbolic and allows mentioning an individual who tends to take advantage or abuse others out of greed . For example: "The country is being a victim of financial vampires" , "López is a vampire who squeezes his employees until they resign" , "Be careful with the vampires who will approach you to take the money you just inherited . "

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