What is Vacuum cleaner?

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What Does Vacuum cleaner Mean

A vacuum cleaner is a device that allows you to vacuum something . In general, the concept refers to the appliance that is used for cleaning an environment as it removes dust from the surfaces .

To understand what a vacuum cleaner is, it is necessary to first focus on the idea of ​​vacuuming. This verb refers to capturing the outside air or creating a current of a gas or other fluid through the generation of a drop in pressure .
The vacuum cleaner, also known as a vacuum cleaner , uses an air pump to absorb dust . Dust is called, as long as the dry land is disposed of and the particles of solid elements that remain as residues .
The vacuum cleaner, an ally of cleaning.
How a vacuum cleaner works
Although these artifacts can have different characteristics, their operation is usually similar. Vacuum cleaners have a motor that starts a fan , which lowers the air pressure inside the appliance. That vacuum that is created causes air to enter through the vacuum cleaner hose.

The dust that accumulates inside the appliance, on the other hand, can be filtered in different ways. One of the most common mechanisms is the installation of a porous bag that traps dirt by filtering the air .
Another method of filtering involves making the air spin at high speed in the tank so that the particles fall to the sides, where they are collected. There are also vacuum cleaners that make the dust remain suspended in water droplets , which rise and are captured after shaking.
Cleaning robot
The first vacuum cleaners were created at the beginning of the 20th century . Those machines, like the rest of the models that were marketed for decades, had a suction nozzle that had to be dragged on the ground to suck up the dust.
Whoever uses a vacuum cleaner of this type, then, must take the tube connected to the nozzle and pass said nozzle over the surface to be cleaned. The task has to be done manually.
Technology at the service of vacuum cleaning.
In the mid- 1990s , however, robotic vacuums began to be marketed . They are autonomous robots , capable of operating with a certain autonomy .

Most modern robotic vacuums have sensors that allow them to detect dirt and avoid obstacles. Thanks to artificial intelligence , these vacuum cleaners clean without needing a person to guide or direct them.
Roomba, the most popular robotic vacuum cleaner
With millions of units sold worldwide, Roomba is the most famous robotic vacuum cleaner. This product is manufactured and marketed by iRobot , a company of American origin.
The most advanced models of Roomba have double brushes, several sensors of different classes and WiFi connection . These vacuum cleaners can rotate 360º and reach hard-to-reach corners.
Robotic vacuums can store data and create maps . In this way, they recognize the surface they have already cleaned and maximize their efficiency when moving. There are Roomba series that work with an application called iRobot Home : this app is used to determine specific areas in each environment, making it possible for the vacuum cleaner to go directly to those corners (for example, under a table or behind a sofa).

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