What is user profile?

What Does user profile Mean

The concept of user profile is used in the field of computing . This is what is called a personalized environment for an individual that is developed according to their configuration preferences .

In this way, when the person logs into a system with their user profile, the values ​​already established are loaded . The information can include everything from visual or aesthetic issues (such as a background image or certain icons, to mention two possibilities) to details about network connections, programs (software) to use, shortcuts, etc.
Using user profiles in an operating system , for example, provides several benefits. With different user profiles, different subjects can use the same equipment, each maintaining its own configuration.

Changes made by a user, in this framework, do not affect the preferences set by others . This means that each user, when logging in with their own profile, meets the conditions they had when they closed their previous session, regardless of what was done by other people.
Take the case of the Windows operating system . Individual preferences are stored in a user profile which, each time the subject uses it to log in, loads the indicated settings. These customizations include sound preferences, screen saver, desktop background, and many other variables.
The various user profiles that are created in Windows are stored in a folder . The configuration data corresponding to each of the profiles are kept there. It is also possible to limit access to certain programs or files to a particular user or to a group, so as to protect their integrity from misuse or potential accidental deletion.
One of the advantages offered by the creation of different user profiles in an operating system is the protection of minors against content created for adults. Whether we are talking about movies, photographs, songs or video games with images or text that refers to violence or explicit sex, among other possibilities, it is important that the little ones do not expose themselves to these topics because they are not prepared to understand them. .
In the case of video game consoles, it is currently possible to create several user profiles on each device , thanks to which each one can personalize their experience, parents can block certain titles so that their children do not use them and each one You can use your own money to buy games without risking others taking it away. This last point is useful in a shared house, where two or more people use the same console but not the same fund of money.

To make purchases in a more agile way, today it is very common for the user profile to include payment data , such as the credit card or PayPal account. This considerably facilitates transactions, because it avoids the need to enter them each time. However, given the existence of hackers, storing such sensitive information on a remote server carries a risk that we should not ignore.
In this framework we can speak of identity theft (which in some contexts is called phishing ), a crime that consists of impersonating another person on the Internet for illegal purposes. Therefore, we must think twice before including in our user profile any data that could directly harm us in a case like this.

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