What is unscathed?

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What Does unscathed Mean

The concept of uninjured , whose etymological origin is found in the Latin illaesus , is used to refer to someone who did not suffer injury or who did not register any damage . The idea of ​​unharmed, therefore, is linked to the undamaged, the intact, or the uncorrupted .

That aforementioned Latin word from which it derives must be stated that it is the result of the sum of two well differentiated lexical components:

-The prefix “in-”, which can be translated as “no”.

-The adjective "laesus", which is synonymous with "hit" or "wounded".
For example: "The pianist was the protagonist of a car accident when he was driving down Central Avenue but, fortunately, he was unhurt from the collision" , "Yesterday I dropped the new phone from my hands and was unharmed: it seems to be very resistant " , " The opposition candidate was unharmed in an armed attack carried out at the end of the television debate . "

Whole, healthy or healthy are other words that act as a synonym for the term that now occupies us. On the contrary, among its antonyms we come across words such as damaged, damaged, harmed or even injured.
Take the case of a motorcyclist traveling at high speed and suddenly loses control of the vehicle. In this way it shoots out and, after flying several meters, hits the ground. If, surprisingly, this subject does not fracture any bone or suffer any type of injury, it can be said that he was unharmed from the accident .
The notion of uninjured can also be used in a symbolic sense. Let us suppose that a political leader, accused of corruption and criticized from various sectors, gives a press conference. After two hours of answering the journalists' questions, analysts consider that the politician was unharmed since he used convincing arguments before each query .
An object can also be left unharmed. If an earthquake causes great damage to a museum, collapsing its structure and destroying numerous pieces, but a sculpture comes out unscathed and does not show consequences of the destruction, it can be said that it was unharmed by the earthquake.
In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of the song “Ileso” either. This, which is interpreted by the singers Romeo Santos and Teodoro Reyes, is part of the album “Utopia”, which was published in 2019, and revolves around love and heartbreak as indicated by its lyrics: «Yo firma no me I bent, I came out unscathed from your winds. Just a blast at a time that he couldn't beat me ”.
In the field of literature we also find different works that use the term that we are addressing in their titles. This would be the case, for example, of "Unharmed Rebel", a book written by Hermenegildo Sabat with which he takes a unique journey through his life through the pictures he has painted.
There is also the work "No one comes out of society unscathed." It is a work carried out by Alejandro Ruiz with which he tries to encourage anyone to take the necessary steps to achieve the objectives they have.

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