What is trouble?

What Does trouble Mean

When it comes to thoroughly analyzing the term problem, it is necessary that we first stipulate its etymological origin. In this sense, we can say that it is found in Latin and more specifically in the word problēma . However, it must also be determined that it in turn comes from the Greek term πρόβλημα.

A problem is a certain issue or question that requires a solution . At the social level, it is a specific situation that, when it is solved, brings benefits to society (such as reducing the poverty rate of a country or rebuilding buildings destroyed by an earthquake).
For example: “We have a big problem: tomorrow we have to pay the rent and we cannot afford it” , “The problem will be solved when the manager fires the employees who do not make an effort” , “Thanks to your help, I was able to complete the task and I had no problems with the teacher ” .

In the same way, in this line there is a second meaning of the term that concerns us and that defines it as a dislike or a concern that someone has for a specific reason. An example of this meaning could be the following: "Luisa and Miguel's son does not stop giving them problems."
In addition to all the aforementioned, it is also necessary for us to make it clear that there are many and varied types of problems that are specific to various sciences or areas where they are developed. In this sense, the most frequent are those related to fields such as Philosophy, Mathematics, Religion or also Medicine, among many others.
Thus, regarding this last area we can say that there are numerous health problems that exist: physical, mental, acute, chronic ... All of them suppose that the patient who suffers them has to turn to a doctor who will be in charge of studying what happens to him , to carry out the pertinent tests and finally to determine its corresponding treatment.
An example of this could be the following: “Julia had a health problem related to her joints, for which she inevitably had to undergo surgery”.
For philosophy , a problem is something that alters the peace, balance and harmony of those who have it. Within religion , on the other hand, a problem can be the result of an internal contradiction that arises between two dogmas (how does an omnibenevolent and all-powerful God allow the existence of suffering?).
The math speaks of problems when there are questions about a structure or object, whose answers require an explanation with the corresponding demonstration. This means that a mathematical problem is solved by finding an entity that makes it possible to satisfy the conditions of the problem.
It is possible to encounter problems of the most diverse nature. The unemployment is an economic and social problem on a large scale, can only solve the government of a country, beyond the efforts of people to find employment. A leaky wall , on the other hand, represents a domestic problem that can and should be solved by one person at home.

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