What is triphthong?

What Does triphthong Mean

A tripthong is produced by the union of vowels in a trio that gives rise to a single syllable. This means that, when separating a word into syllables, when there is a tripthong, the three vowels that are together remain in the same syllable.

The concept is signaled by a word made up of the Latin prefix tri and a Greek word meaning "sounds" . Tripthong, therefore, is "three sounds . "
The grammar rules state that a tripthong is made up of a weak vowel, a strong vowel, and a weak vowel . When the accent is placed on the weak vowel, the tripthong is broken and a hiatus occurs .
This last word, hiatus, has its etymological origin in the Latin hiatus, which in turn comes from the verb hiare, which can be translated as “open”. Specifically, when we use that concept we are referring to the union of two vowels, one weak and one strong or two strong, which are pronounced in different syllables. Among the many examples of hiatus would be words such as country, Raúl, corn or Philosophy.

It is very important that we also take into account another term that is usually associated with the concept we are addressing. Specifically, we refer to the term diphthong that can be defined as the union of two vowels (one weak and one strong or two weak) that are pronounced within the same syllable. Examples of this would be words like leg or air.
Words with tripthong follow the usual rules of stress. In this way, monosyllables do not have an accent (except if they are articulated as bisyllables). On the other hand, the acute ones ending in N , S or vowel, and the low ones ending in a consonant other than N or S , do have an accent.
In the Spanish language there are no triphthongs formed by the closed vowel sequence + open vowel + closed vowel if any of the closed vowels is tonic. In these expressions, a hiatus is produced which is followed by a diphthong (if the first closed vowel is stressed) or a diphthong continued by a hiatus (when the second closed vowel is stressed). This means that not all words with three consecutive vowels form a tripthong.
Examples of use of words with tripthong: “My mother was born in Paraguay” , “Don't laugh, little ones” , “Last night we almost ran over an ox when we were driving back to the farm” , “Uruguay is a small but very beautiful country: it has beautiful cities, like Montevideo, Colonia del Sacramento or Punta del Este ” .
In the same way, it must be emphasized that also in this same field of phonetics and phonology there is a verb that becomes fundamental with respect to the concept we are dealing with now. Specifically, we are referring to the transitive verb triphthong which can be defined as the action by which we proceed to pronounce three vowels to form a tripthong.
In addition to all the above, and to finish the exhaustive analysis of the word tripthong, we have to say that the one mentioned is the title of one of the songs of the musical group Tree of eyes. This is part of the rock genre and was born in 2007. Its members are nationals of Colombia, more specifically from the city of Bogotá, and come from previous punk groups.

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