What is trinket?

What Does trinket Mean

The Sanskrit word veluriya became Greek as bḗryllos , which became classical Arabic as billawr . This term, in turn, derived from the Hispanic Arabic alballúri , which refers to something made of glass . After this etymological journey, we come to the concept of a bead .

It is called a bead, it is an ornament of little value but it is very attractive . By extension, a trinket is something ornamental , whether physical or symbolic, especially when it is exaggerated . For example: "I like minimalist environments, without beads" , "The actress is usually photographed next to the beads in her living room" , "Little by little, the writer was moving away from the excessive adjectives and adopted a style with few beads, a lot more neat and direct ” .

It is also called a bead to the bead that, having a hole, can be strung with others. Also known as beads , the beads can be made with different materials and have all kinds of designs.
With beads bracelets and necklaces can be made , to mention two possibilities. The use of these elements dates back a long time , as there are records of their use in the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Mongols and other peoples.
It is common for beads to be used for the production of bijouterie ( costume jewelery ). Since jewelery is produced with materials that are not precious or jewelery , the beads used in this area are usually not very expensive.
Finally, "The Bead Game" is the title in Spanish of a novel by Hermann Hesse . The German writer published this book in 1943 .

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