What is trellis?

What Does trellis Mean

The idea of ​​a tree line is used in the marina area . The term refers to the yards and masts of a boat.

In general, the rigging is associated with the rigging : the set of yards, sails, rigging and masts or masts of a ship . As can be seen, in a strict sense the rig contains the rigging.
In sailing vessels, the rigging is an indispensable structure. Although currently the most common is that the ship has an auxiliary engine, in ancient times the sails were the only means of propulsion, with which the rigging was even more relevant.

It is important to note that, thanks to the rigging, the boat can take advantage of the wind to propel itself. The wind force is transmitted to the sails and the assembly of the shafts is in charge of transferring the impulse to the hull.
The weight of the rig is mainly supported by the masts , which are large vertical poles. The yards, meanwhile, are the transverse poles that support the sails. As we indicated above lines, the masts and yards constitute the arboladura. If we take into account the rest of the elements that make up the rigging, we also find the aforementioned sails and rigging (which are the ropes and lines).
The types of rigging and rigging have changed over the years. The characteristics of both also make it possible to differentiate between the various existing classes of sailing vessels .

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