What is travel?

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What Does travel Mean

If we want to know the etymological origin of the term trip, we have to discover that it is found in Catalan. Thus, specifically, we can know that it emanates from the word viatge , which in turn comes from the Latin word via , which can be translated as "way".

Travel is the action and effect of traveling (moving from one place to another by any means of locomotion). The concept is used to name the transfer itself, the period in which said transfer is made and the going anywhere.
For example: “I have a three-hour plane trip before I get to my parents' house” , “In fifteen days, I'm going on a trip and I don't plan to answer any work calls” , “I have to make another four trips before end the day ” .
The trip implies a change in the location of the people , which can be done on foot or through any means of transport (a motorized vehicle, a bicycle, an animal). As for the reasons for a trip, they can be very varied: there are trips that are made for leisure (those related to tourism ), others that are specified for social or family reasons (visiting an aunt or a friend) and some that They are developed for academic or work matters (a study trip, attending a business meeting).

In the same way, it is also important to establish that, fundamentally when it comes to leisure trips, they can be undertaken in many different ways. Thus, for example, there are people who prefer to carry them out as a backpacker, that is, counting a backpack as the only luggage, walking a lot and staying in the accommodations that they find on the way.
However, there are also people who prefer to know other corners of the planet by betting on closed tourist packages in which the agencies have looked for both the tickets of the means of transport they are going to use and the hotels where they are going to stay or the guided tours .
And all this without overlooking that in recent years, and in the wealthiest sectors of society, trips to resorts have become fashionable. That is, to hotels where beauty treatments are offered as they have facilities such as jacuzzis or spas.
Trips can start with an already established or at least an estimated return date. This is the usual case of the holidays : "My sister goes on a trip next Friday to see the Pyramids and returns at the end of the month" , "I already bought the tickets for the trip: we left on the 4th and returned on the 19th . "
Other trips, on the other hand, do not have a return date, such as migrations . People who have to travel to flee from a conflict or who decide to relocate to settle in a foreign country do not know when they will return to the land of departure, or may never return.
In addition to all the above, we could point out that there is also what is known as travel books. These are publications in which the authors narrate step by step the experiences they have lived in some of their journeys, the places they have known ... They usually incorporate both photographs and maps or plans.

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