What is transphobia?

What Does transphobia Mean

The notion of transphobia is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). The Fundación del Español Urgente ( Fundéu BBVA ), however, recognizes the term as correct.

The transphobia is the rejection of transgendered individuals or transgender . A transsexual or transgender person, meanwhile, is someone whose gender identity does not match the sex assigned at birth .
It is important to mention that transsexual and transgender can be used as a noun or as an adjective . Trans shortening , on the other hand, is also valid.

He who manifests transphobia is transphobic or transphobic . This phobia is expressed through an aggressive attitude or behavior towards transsexuals, which can include harassment , physical violence and even murder .
As with the terms homophobic and homophobic , no matter what the dictionaries of our language indicate, which indicate both as adjectives and only the second as a possible noun, in everyday speech their use is confused and adapted to spontaneous needs to condemn this kind of contempt that causes so much damage .
Transphobia implies discrimination . The transphobe does not treat transsexuals in the same way as other people, but instead makes trans people invisible, denigrates, attacks, etc. Transphobia is often considered to be based on sexism and on understanding that the female / male categories are rigid and exclusive.
The misoginia and homofobia are also present in transfobia. As trans, homosexuals and the rest of the subjects who do not fit into cisnormativity and heteronormativity defy social norms and conventions, transphobes feel fear and hatred of the questioning of mental and cultural structures.
One of the classic excuses for homophobes and transphobes is that they can have a "negative" influence on the little ones, as if their sexuality were a contagious disease . Based on this, many movements obtain the approval of the authorities to continue attacking and stigmatizing homosexuals and transsexuals, both directly and indirectly.
It is important to mention that transphobia goes beyond individual behaviors. The company , through its institutions, tends to stigmatize and marginalize the transgender community, whose members faced great difficulties in finding work, access to the health system, etc.

One of the indirect aggressions that society launches against these people in a way that is as little concealed as justified is to put them in a sentence together with the pedophiles. How can one person's sexuality, something we all have, be compared to a twisted and harmful tendency that ruins the lives of thousands of children every day? Pedophilia is a disease, and perhaps the worst, since it leads the individual to feel sexual desires for minors and, in most cases, to do everything possible to consume them.
It is also very common to call transsexuals by their old names , those that were imposed on them from birth, which are also known as " dead names ". This is a very low but very common attack, since it does not take more resources to execute it than the old personal data of the victim . Like any other such aggression, it can never be justified, because there is no reason or trigger beyond hatred and fear.
Transphobic humor is quite normal, although year after year it is condemned more and more. Until the second decade of the third millennium, it was common for film and television to provoke easy laughter with men dressed as women, focusing on their complexion to cause grace. This also reminds us that the transsexuality of someone who is born in the body of a woman but feels like a man is less visible than the opposite, just as lesbianism is not mentioned as much as the homosexuality of men.

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