What is trajectory?

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What Does trajectory Mean

From the French trajectoire , the trajectory is the path that an object that moves through space describes. A bullet propelled by a weapon, for example, describes a trajectory, which can be tracked or assumed by a specialist.

For mechanics , the trajectory is equivalent to the successive geometric places that a body occupies while moving. Its determination depends on the place from which the observation is made.
The trajectory is the journey of a body through space.
The trajectory of a body is, in general, a line that enjoys continuity. There are exceptions, such as the case of an orbital electron that occupies different positions in an atom . In these cases, the trajectory is probabilistic.

Path types
It is possible to distinguish between different types of trajectories. The rectilinear path occurs when the motion is one-dimensional and can be reduced to a straight line. The curvilinear path , on the other hand, resembles a continuous curve and can be three-dimensional or two-dimensional. The erratic trajectory , finally, occurs when mobilization is unpredictable and the geometric shape becomes irregular.
A ball kicked by a footballer traces a trajectory.
In the case of this last type of trajectory, it is necessary to highlight the fact that under this name is the so-called Brownian movement, which is defined as that random type movement carried out by the particles that are in what is a fluid . This denomination was established as a way of paying homage to the Scottish biologist Robert Brown who, in the first decades of the 19th century, more specifically in 1827, discovered this phenomenon.
The concept in meteorology
It is important to underline the fact that the term trajectory is also used in the field of Meteorology. In this specific case, it is used to refer to the course followed by various environmental phenomena such as a rotating storm or a hurricane.
Thus, for example, this year the specialized services in this scientific field have allowed us to be constantly informed of the trajectory of Atlantic hurricanes such as Óscar, Florence, Gordon, Kirk or Nadine. And the same has happened with the strong winds originating in the Pacific area, such as Aletta, Norman, Carlota or Fabio.

The personal and professional trajectory
The trajectory, on the other hand, is the direction that the behavior of an individual, a group or an entity takes over time. A career path is often used to name the different jobs that someone does in their life.
For example: “Real Madrid has incorporated a forward with extensive experience in the NBA” , “The governor's record is flawless: any accusation that comes from the opposition will be dismissed in minutes” , “An actor with little experience surprised the press by claiming an Oscar Award ” .
In this case, it is common to talk about what is known as a personal and professional trajectory. Two terms that are used, for example, when preparing a curriculum because under them are included what are the studies and courses carried out as well as the jobs that have been held up to now. The first case would correspond to the aforementioned personal sphere while the second would be the professional one.

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