What is totopo?

What Does totopo Mean

A totopo or totoposte is a tortilla made with yellow or white corn that is toasted until it is very crisp . The term can also be used as a synonym for nacho , which is a piece of fried corn tortilla and triangular in shape.

The chips, in this way, can be toasted or fried. Its size is variable, since the tortilla is fragmented into pieces that can have different dimensions.
The origin of the chips is remote. Pre-Hispanic peoples already made corn tortillas that they toasted on clay discs known as comales , especially in the current region of Oaxaca . The term comes from the Nahuatl totopochtli , which can be translated as "toasted . "

Today, however, tortilla chips are usually fried. They can be made in an artisanal way and even at home , although they are also produced industrially and are sold vacuum packed.
It is believed that the first chips had a diameter that exceeded 30 centimeters. These days they are usually much smaller, up to about 3 centimeters in diameter.
In general, tortilla chips are eaten as a snack (that is, as an aperitif ). It is common to accompany them with guacamole (based on avocado or avocado, chili, tomato and onion), although they can be ingested with other sauces.
Tortilla chips with beans are also eaten . Another possibility is to use them to prepare chilaquiles , a dish that consists of boiling a spicy sauce made with chili peppers where the tortilla chips are cooked.
It is important to bear in mind that the way of preparing tortilla chips varies according to the area. That is why it is possible to find various ingredients and recipes .

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