What is toothpaste?

What Does toothpaste Mean

Discovering the etymological origin of the term toothpaste is the first thing to do in order to determine its meaning. Specifically, we can say that it emanates from Latin since the two words that compose it derive from this language:

-Pasta comes from “pasta”, which can be translated as “dough”.

-Dental, meanwhile, comes from "dentalis", which means "relative to the teeth." This Latin word is the result of the sum of two components: “dens”, which is synonymous with “tooth”, and the suffix “-al”, which indicates “belonging”.

The toothpaste is a kind of cream or gel which is used for cleaning the teeth . Thanks to toothpaste, which is usually applied on a brush to rub the teeth afterwards, it is possible to maintain oral health .
However, dental experts recognize that it is also essential that toothpaste is enhanced its task with other products. Specifically, these are tools that will be responsible for reaching the areas of the mouth where the brush does not have access, which will mean better oral hygiene for the person in question. We are referring to dental floss and also mouthwash.

The term toothpaste is used synonymously with toothpaste. The etymological origin of this word, which comes from the Latin language , is compound: dentis (which can be translated as "tooth" ) and fricāre ( "rubbing" ).
Historians believe that the first toothpastes were developed in Egypt four millennia ago. At that time they combined pepper, salt, myrrh, pumice (also known as pumice stone) and water , among other components.
Current toothpastes have moisturizing, abrasive, whitening, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substances, among others. Among the most common components are sodium fluoride and sodium monofluorophosphate . Toothpastes also feature flavorings and flavorings to make them enjoyable to use.
The objective of toothpastes is to eliminate the remains of food that remain in the mouth after meals , prevent the appearance of oral diseases such as cavities, prevent the development of bacteria and protect teeth in general. Some products also have an aesthetic purpose, promoting teeth whitening .
The dentists recommend brushing teeth with toothpaste after every meal (breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner ). Professionals should be in charge of suggesting which toothpaste to use according to the particularities of each case.
Colgate , Sensodyne , Aquafresh, and Close-Up are some of the most popular toothpaste brands worldwide.

It is curious to establish that unique toothpastes are used in different corners of the world. Thus, compared to the usual ones that can be purchased in any supermarket, in Africa its inhabitants use licorice instead. Also, in Australia they resort to what is the tea tree.
But even more, it seems that in India the most normal thing is that to keep the mouth in perfect condition, a kind of scrapers made of silver are used. And it is considered that these have important antibacterial properties.

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