What is to show off?

What Does to show off Mean

Even Latin you have to leave in order to find the etymological origin of the term presume. Specifically, it derives from the verb “praesumere”, which can be translated as “suspect” and which is made up of two different parts:

-The prefix “pre-”, which means “before”.

-The verb “sumere”, which is equivalent to “take by itself”.

It is a verb that has different meanings. It can be the action of supposing, inferring, deducing or conceptualizing a thing from some signals .
For example: “When you see Ricardo's attitude, you can assume that he will not help us” , “Why should I presume that the business will be a failure? I think there are possibilities of being successful " , " A journalist should not brag: a journalist has to investigate and verify the data he finds . "

In these cases, boasting implies making assumptions or presuppositions. A person can observe that they have opened a new clothing store on the corner of their house and, based on their knowledge of the neighborhood, presume that it will do well, since there are no other businesses of its kind in the area.
When bragging is applied to a person , it can refer to someone who pays a lot of attention to their appearance to be attractive or elegant: "Tonight I'm going to show off my new suit" , "I can't stand women who want to show off their curves all the time . "
Precisely starting from that meaning we find the title of a famous story: "The presumed rat." It is a popular play that stars a young rat who loves to take care of herself and show off her beauty. An animal this that will have to choose a suitor to marry among the many who will knock on the door of his house.
From generation to generation this story has passed. And it is that it helps children not only to learn the different types of animals that exist or how they express themselves verbally, but also to teach them that they should not only be carried away by appearances.
Boasting also refers to what subjects who glorify, exalt, or exalt themselves do . In this case, accusing someone of being conceited is usually a criticism or a disqualification.
If a man says to another "Stop showing off your new car" , he will be mentioning a certain attitude of the subject, who seeks to boast of his acquisition and, in this way, arouse the admiration or even envy of those around him.
Currently one of the tools that people use the most to show off is the set of social networks. And they do not hesitate to use the accounts they have on Facebook or Instagram to boast, through photographs and videos, of aspects such as their image, the vacations they have enjoyed, the parties where they have been or even the activities they have carried out. . In this way, they boast of having an enviable life, which makes them feel “above” others.

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