What is throw?

What Does throw Mean

The homonymous words are spelled differently and have different meanings, but their pronunciation is identical or similar. That often creates confusion, especially at the time of writing.

In this framework, it is important to know the definition of the verb bounce (with initial B ) to avoid mistakes with voting (which begins with V ). Bouncing is the action of throwing, throwing or throwing something ; it also refers to throwing a boat into the water and making a ball bounce off a surface . Voting, on the other hand, refers to casting a suffrage or granting a vote.
Suppose one person asks another not to throw garbage on the ground. To write about it, it must be indicated that the subject said "you must not throw garbage" , and not "you must not vote garbage .

On the other hand, if a man wants to manifest on social networks that he will elect the candidate of the Popular Democratic Party in the presidential elections, he must write "I am going to vote for the candidate of the Popular Democratic Party" , and not write "I am going to throw out the candidate of the Popular Democratic Party. Popular Democratic ” .
"You do not have to throw away food that is in good condition" , "The Colombian player is responsible for kicking his team's penalties" , "The police forced me to throw away the beer before entering the stadium" and "The Navy plans launch the new aircraft carrier in the coming months ” are other sentences that carry the verb launch.
The expression "bounce the ball" , on the other hand, refers to the action that, in other geographical regions, is known as "chopping" : throwing a ball against the ground or other surface so that it bounces and is propelled in the opposite direction.
We carry out this action almost instinctively when we are given a ball for the first time, and basketball experts recommend taking advantage of this almost instinctive act to start training children. One of the tips is to give them a certain degree of freedom to explore the handling of the ball, while little by little they are given instructions to guide them in the different objectives of the sport.
Basketball has the peculiarity of preventing players from advancing without dribbling the ball, and that is why they must become true kings of the boat. In addition, as in other sports , it is expected that they can move around the court with their eyes up, looking at their opponents and looking for opportunities to get closer to the opposing ring, something that requires great control of the ball, as if it were a extension of the body that can be detached momentarily.

Throughout a basketball game, players have the possibility to dribble the ball in different ways, making changes in front, behind, in reverse and between their legs. Similarly, they can change direction and pace , decisions that often make the difference between a successful play and a missed opportunity.
As much as children learn to dribble the ball almost spontaneously, it is important to note that between that first action and what professional basketball players do, there is an abysmal distance; one of the fundamental details that separates them is the way in which they touch the ball, since the latter use the tips of their fingers, and not the palms of their hands, thanks to which they can print the direction with great precision.
Once the player has learned the basics of the boat and is ready to put them into practice during a match, it is essential to understand that he should not dribble the ball unless he does so with a well-defined objective, especially if he stays in the same spot. , since this can mean an advantage for the opponents.

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