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What Does thief Mean

Thief is one who steals or steals . It is, therefore, a person who commits a crime, since stealing and stealing are crimes punishable by law . The crime of robbery consists of seizing someone else's things through the use of violence or intimidation, while theft also involves taking other people's things, but without involving force or confrontation, but silently and while the owners they are not directly on the scene.

For example: “The police caught a thief who had robbed three houses in the neighborhood” , “The victim chased the thieves for several meters, until he lost sight of them” , “My son may be unruly and naughty, but not he is a thief ” .

The penalty that the law imposes on the thief for his criminal actions depends on his characteristics. When comparing different cases, we can see that the gravity of the events can be very different.
Let's look at three cases in which the penalties would be remarkably different: a person who takes advantage of the distraction of a passenger at a train station and stealthily removes his handbag, which was resting on the suitcase; a thief who, in a semi-deserted and dark street, threatens a passerby with shooting him if he does not hand over his wallet and any valuables that he carries with him; three individuals who enter a store armed and steal the box and the most expensive items, after which they shoot the shop assistants and leave.
In each of the examples there are subjects who commit similar crimes, and each of them can be called a thief. However, whoever steals a bag will receive the lesser penalty. The man in the alley who appeals to intimidation will receive intermediate punishment, while the maximum penalty will fall on the armed group that injures dependents.
Currently there are several concepts related to thefts carried out over the Internet , and one of the most prominent is identity theft , which consists of a thief posing as another person, with the purpose of using their credit cards , access their bank accounts and harm them in other ways, depending on the case and the relationship that exists between the two.
Although the figure of the thief is usually despised and repudiated by society, given the material, physical and psychological damage that it can cause to its victims, certain thefts acquire a magnitude that makes them authentic urban legends, which transcend time and space, to be repeated for years and, why not, exaggerated and distorted to the liking of whoever relates them. One of them is known as " The escape from El Dioni ".

Dionisio Rodríguez Martín, known as El Dioni , is currently a public figure in Spain, appearing in various programs of questionable content and morals included in the journalism group of the heart . However, in July 1989 he became a thief when he made the decision to escape with an armored van from the company Candi SA, which contained close to 300 million pesetas.
With the loot, the thief made sure to change his appearance and traveled to Brazil, where he stayed for two months, until the local police arrested him and sentenced him to ten months in jail. Ultimately, El Dioni was extradited to Spain, where he spent about six years in prison, before receiving parole . Only a little more than half of the money could be recovered and the company that owns the van, and former employer of Dionisio Rodríguez Martín, declared bankruptcy.

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