A Praxis™ test is a type of exam used in the certification of new teachers in the United States. They are generally divided into three categories and can be supplemented or replaced by other types of certification exams. For example, certain states may replace the Praxis II® with their own proprietary tests. The Praxis I® is usually administered before a prospective teacher can begin training at an institute of higher education, while the Praxis II®, or a similar replacement, usually covers the more specific knowledge of what she plans to teach. Praxis III® is a practical exam that typically involves observing a teacher during their first year in the classroom.

There are three main types of Praxis™ testing. These are the Praxis I® :, Praxis II® and Praxis III®. Depending on the state in which a teacher is certified and the state where he plans to teach, he may be required to take some or all of these exams. While 21 states require a prospective teacher to pass a series of Praxis II® exams, the others have their own exams that replace the Praxis™ exam at that time.

Praxis I® is usually administered before a student begins studying to become a teacher. This test, which is known as the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), usually consists of reading, writing, and math sections. Successfully passing all three sections of Praxis I® is generally one of the prerequisites for entry into a course of study that will lead to a career as a teacher.

In addition to the reading, writing, and math sections of Praxis I®, many teachers are required to take more specialized exams prior to certification. To this end, the Praxis II® series generally consists of a series of specialized tests for different fields of study. Depending on the topic someone plans to teach, they may be required to take a series of tests in the Praxis II® series. You may also be required to take an entirely different test, or series of tests, if you plan to teach in a state where Praxis II® is not used.

The Praxis III® is a practical exam that is usually taken during a teacher’s first year of work in the classroom. As part of this test, an advisor visits the classroom and watches as the teacher goes through a lesson. This review also includes several interviews with the new teacher, including one before and one after the observed lesson.

The creator of the Praxis™ test is the Educational Testing Service (ETS®), a non-profit organization based near Princeton, New Jersey. Although based in the US, ETS® offers testing services around the world for elementary, secondary and higher education. The Praxis™ test was first administered in the mid-1990s, when it gradually replaced the National Teacher Examination (NTE) in the US. In addition to Praxis™, ETS® provides tests such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT®) and the Test de Français International (TFI®) in Canada.