What is the manufacturing industry?

What Does Manufacturing industry Mean

We explain what the manufacturing industry is, how it is classified and various examples. Also, the manufacturing industry in Mexico.

The food industry is part of manufacturing.

What is the manufacturing industry?

The manufacturing industry is dedicated to the transformation of semi-processed goods or raw materials directly into final consumer goods , ready for immediate commercialization through distributors and other mechanisms that bring them closer to their consumer public .


Manufacturing industry and light industry can be more or less synonymous, since both are considered part of the secondary sector of a nation's economy , differentiated from the primary sector , in charge of obtaining and processing raw materials.

The word manufacturing comes from two Latin words: manus (hand) and factus (made, elaborated), since its original concept alluded to manual work, characteristic of artisan work, in which many people were employed working with their hands. or with hand tools.

However, in the contemporary industrial context, after the Industrial Revolution , this term refers to the process of transformation of raw material into manufactured goods on a large scale. It requires the use of machines and energy consumption , instead of manual work.

That is why today the word "artisan" is preferred for those who still use manual labor in their production methods .

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Types of manufacturing industry

Judging by its positioning within the economy's goods production chain , we can establish three types of manufacturing industry:

  • Traditional. That turns the raw material into products ready for marketing and final consumption.
  • Intermediate. They manufacture semi-finished goods to feed other manufacturing industries, such as parts for assembly.
  • Mechanical Whose final product are tools and machinery necessary for industrial processes of other types, whether or not they are from the secondary sector.
  • Residuals That they use as raw material the surpluses and residues of other industrial processes.

Examples of manufacturing industry

Recycling plants are also part of the manufacturing industry.

Some examples of manufacturing industry are the following:

  • Printers and publishing companies, which produce books, brochures , magazines or newspapers.
  • Assembly machines for technological, electronic devices or even vehicles.
  • Factories of parts, supplies or tools of all kinds.
  • Footwear, textiles, clothing industries.
  • Food , beverage and tobacco industries .
  • Furniture factories.
  • The electronic and photographic industry .
  • Wood or paper industries.
  • Recycling plants for cans, bottles, cardboard, etc.

Manufacturing industry in Mexico

The beverage industry produces goods for local use and for export.

The manufacturing industry in Mexico is found mainly in the central states of the nation, such as Coahuila, Querétaro, Estado de México, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Puebla and San Luis Potosí; and in these regions its contribution to GDP is one of the most important of all local industries .

As of the 2011 census, the food , tobacco and beverage industries produced 27.9% of Mexican manufacturing . On the other hand, the production of machinery and tools reached 26.9%.

Another fundamental sector is the export maquiladoras, in which numerous products are assembled or manufactured whose final destination is not to be consumed in Mexico, but in near or distant foreign markets.

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