What is the difference between mazda cx5 and cx50

If you're in the market for a new Mazda SUV, you might be torn between the Mazda CX5 and CX50. Both offer impressive features and cutting-edge technology, but what sets them apart? In this article, we'll delve into the key differences between the Mazda CX5 and CX50 to help you decide which one is the perfect fit for you.

Overview of Mazda CX5

The Mazda CX5 is known for its sleek design, fuel efficiency, and engaging driving experience. With its sporty exterior and luxurious interior, the CX5 offers a perfect balance between comfort and performance.

Overview of Mazda CX50

The Mazda CX50, on the other hand, takes things up a notch. It offers even more space and luxury features compared to the CX5. With its refined design, spacious cabin, and advanced technology, the CX50 is perfect for those who crave a premium driving experience.

Design and Exterior Features

Design and Styling Differences

When it comes to design, both the CX5 and CX50 have their unique style. The CX5 features a more compact and sporty design, while the CX50 has a slightly larger and more refined appearance.

  • The CX5 has a more dynamic body shape and size, making it perfect for city driving and maneuverability.
  • The front grille design of the CX5 gives it an aggressive and sporty look.
  • The headlights and taillights of the CX5 are sleek and modern, adding to its overall appeal.

Exterior Features

Both the CX5 and CX50 come with a range of exterior features that enhance their functionality and style.

  • Roof rails are available in both models, allowing you to easily transport larger items.
  • Wheel options vary between the two models, giving you the opportunity to customize the look of your SUV.
  • Both the CX5 and CX50 offer a range of colors to choose from, allowing you to find your perfect match.

Interior Features and Technology

Cabin Space and Seating

The CX5 and CX50 both offer spacious cabins, ensuring that you and your passengers can travel in comfort.

  • The CX5 can comfortably seat up to five passengers, making it ideal for families or those who frequently travel with friends.
  • The CX50 offers even more space, with the option for a third-row seat, accommodating up to seven passengers.
  • Both models provide ample legroom and headroom for a comfortable journey.

Comfort and Convenience

When it comes to comfort and convenience features, both the CX5 and CX50 have you covered.

  • The CX5 offers a choice between leather and cloth seats, allowing you to personalize your driving experience.
  • Power-adjustable seats are available in both models, ensuring that you can find your perfect driving position.
  • Dual-zone climate control keeps everyone in the cabin comfortable, regardless of their preferred temperature.

Infotainment and Connectivity

In terms of infotainment and connectivity, the CX5 and CX50 are equipped with the latest technology to keep you connected on the go.

  • A touchscreen display comes standard in both models, allowing you to easily access and control your entertainment and navigation systems.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available in both models, enabling seamless integration of your smartphone's features.
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity ensure that you can stay connected and entertained without the hassle of cords.

Performance and Efficiency

Engine Options

When it comes to performance, both the CX5 and CX50 offer powerful engine options and impressive fuel efficiency.

  • The CX5 is available with a range of engines, providing plenty of power and torque to tackle any road.
  • The CX50 also offers various engine options, delivering a smooth and effortless driving experience.
  • Fuel efficiency ratings are impressive in both models, helping you save on fuel costs without compromising performance.

Driving Dynamics

When it comes to driving dynamics, both the CX5 and CX50 offer a smooth and engaging ride.

  • Both models feature a well-tuned suspension system, delivering a comfortable and controlled driving experience.
  • An all-wheel drive system is available in both models, providing added traction and stability on different road conditions.

Safety and Driver Assist Technology

Standard Safety Features

When it comes to safety, Mazda takes no shortcuts. Both the CX5 and CX50 come equipped with a wide range of standard safety features.

  • Adaptive cruise control helps you maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.
  • Lane departure warning alerts you if you unintentionally drift out of your lane.
  • Blind spot monitoring detects vehicles in your blind spots and warns you of their presence.

Optional Safety Upgrades

In addition to their standard safety features, both the CX5 and CX50 offer optional safety upgrades.

  • A 360-degree camera provides a bird's-eye view of your surroundings, making parking and maneuvering easier than ever.
  • Rear cross-traffic alert warns you of approaching vehicles when backing out of a parking spot.

Pricing and Trim Levels

Base Trim

The base trim of both the CX5 and CX50 comes with a range of standard features and a competitive price.

  • The CX5 offers a variety of standard features, including advanced safety technology and convenience features.
  • The CX50 base trim comes with even more luxurious features, ensuring a premium driving experience.
  • Price ranges for both models are competitive in their respective segments.

Higher Trim Levels

If you're looking for more luxury and advanced features, both the CX5 and CX50 offer higher trim levels to cater to your needs.

  • Higher trim levels of the CX5 come with additional features such as a Bose premium audio system and a power liftgate.
  • The CX50 offers even more advanced features, including premium leather upholstery and a panoramic sunroof.
  • Price differences between trim levels reflect the added features and luxury.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Mazda CX5 Reviews

Customer reviews of the Mazda CX5 highlight its sporty performance, fuel efficiency, and stylish design.

  • Pros of the CX5 include its engaging driving dynamics and comfortable interior.
  • Cons of the CX5 may include its limited cargo space compared to some competitors.
  • Overall, customer satisfaction with the CX5 is high, with many praising its value for money.

Mazda CX50 Reviews

Customer reviews of the Mazda CX50 often mention its spacious interior, luxurious features, and smooth ride.

  • Pros of the CX50 include its spacious cabin and premium materials.
  • Cons of the CX50 may include its higher price compared to some competitors.
  • Customer satisfaction with the CX50 is generally positive, with many appreciating its upscale feel.

So, which one should you choose? Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs and preferences. The Mazda CX5 is a fantastic choice for those seeking a sporty and fuel-efficient SUV, while the Mazda CX50 offers a more spacious and luxurious driving experience. Visit your nearest Mazda dealership to test drive both models and experience their uniqueness for yourself.

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