What is technological Park?

What Does technological Park Mean

Park is a term with several uses: it can be a wooded area for recreation; of surfaces specially prepared for the installation of industries ; or the set of tools, systems and materials used in public services.

Technological , meanwhile, is an adjective that mentions what is linked to technology (the application of techniques or knowledge to develop solutions).
A technology park , therefore, is a region arranged by the State for the establishment and installation of various technology companies. In this area, the companies that are installed enjoy various benefits, from tax relief to communication facilities.

What a government seeks when creating a technology park is to promote innovation and the creation of products or services that generate significant added value . For this, the State works in conjunction with private companies, since their growth contributes to national wealth and the training of people who work in the sector.
It is common for a technology park to be created in the vicinity of a technical university to facilitate the incorporation of students and young professionals into technology companies. The technology park is also thought to be located in an easily accessible place.
Andalusia Technology Park
The Andalusian Technology Park is an example of this type of park. Inaugurated in 1992 , this park located in the Spanish city of Malaga houses almost 15,000 workers on 160 hectares.
It all started in 1985, when the Junta de Andalucía contacted Technova (a Japanese consultancy) to ask it to analyze the viability of building a Technology Park in the region. The response was positive and the Japanese company determined that the ideal location for the park was the El Ciprés farm , on the Costa del Sol. Three years later, the Junta and the Malaga City Council signed an agreement to begin construction.
The total investment for the construction of the Andalusian Technology Park was 690 million euros (22% came from the public initiative and the rest, from the private one). It should be noted that it is the base of operations of the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain since 1998. The number of registered workers until 2012 was 14,716.

Among the first companies that settled in the Andalusian Technology Park are Bic Euronova, Ingenia, Hughes Microelectronics and CETECOM (currently known as AT4 Wireless). Over time, Oracle Corporation, TDK, Huawei, Accenture and Ericsson were incorporated.
The prominent activity sector of the Andalusia Technology Park corresponds to Information Technologies , Research and Development , Technology Centers and Communications (within which are Telecommunications , Information Technology and Electronics ). 40.16% of the companies located in the park specialize in one of these fields and employ 51% of the workers, in addition to being responsible for 39.57% of the total turnover of the property.
For residents of the Andalusian city of Malaga, public transport is an excellent option when traveling daily to the Technology Park, since it offers a good frequency and costs the same as an urban trip, despite being relatively far from the center from the city.
With regard to the facilities and appearance of the Andalusian Technology Park, its extensive lakes stand out, in which small migratory birds have found their home, its thousands of trees and shrubs that recall the existence of nature in this space conceived for the development of those activities that take us away from the earth.

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