What is T-shirt?

What Does T-shirt Mean

Some words can be understood very differently depending on the geographic region. It does not matter that two communities share Spanish as a language : certain terms used in one area may be incomprehensible in the other or, at least, be strange.

That is what happens with the concept of t - shirt . In some Latin American countries, a T-shirt is an informal garment that usually has short sleeves and is therefore used in the summer . The T-shirt is often used in everyday life, especially by young people. During the working day, however, it is common for other more formal garments, such as a shirt , to be worn .

There are T-shirts of multiple materials and with different types of collars. There are models that present some buttons on the upper part, although others are limited to playing with the different shapes of the neck.
The idiomatic differences regarding this notion are numerous. The shirt with buttons, in Argentina , is known as chomba . In Spain the T-shirt is called a T - shirt , while for Argentines a T-shirt is a kind of white T-shirt that is used under outer clothing. T-shirt , flannel and polo are other terms that can be used to name this garment .
The word t-shirt, however, can indicate something that has nothing to do with clothing. For zoology , a t-shirt is a large feather that is placed at the end of a bird's wings. T-shirts, on the other hand, are the details or components that, in a dart or arrow , confer stability and provide aerodynamics.
In this last sense, the term t-shirt is used as a synonym for rudder or feathered and the material used for its manufacture is usually feather, although at present the use of plastic is gradually becoming generalized . Although each paddle or fin is known as a t-shirt, this word also serves to name them all together, as a collective noun.
The structure of the shirt on the back of an arrow or dart usually has three feathers attached around the tip, so that there is the same distance between each of them and the next. Although the traditional method of attaching them to the body of the arrow (which is known by the name of tube or shaft ) or of the dart (more precisely, to its tail ) consisted of tying them with silk thread, today there are more ways simple, like gluing them.

As mentioned above, the main function of the shirt is to stabilize the dart or arrow while it is flying and being subjected to resistance forces , but in some cases they also serve to give them a turn that allows to alter the trajectory with a certain effect. That said, any projectile can count on shirts to become aerodynamic and stay in the air for as long as possible; a clear example is that of the fins that are placed on the back of the rockets (inside which is the engine).
In the case of bird feathers , the t-shirt (also known by the name of rémige , has an asymmetric banner, that is, the appearance that it has on each side of its central axis is different. The outer part of the wing is called the primaries, followed by the secondaries (above the radius) and, finally, the tertials (which insert into the humerus).
Finally, T-shirt is the woman who uses an oar to propel some type of boat.

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