What is swirl?

What Does swirl Mean

A whirlpool is a swift, rotating type of movement made by water , air or another element. From this meaning, the concept also has various symbolic uses.

The water eddies are formed when water rotates rapidly on itself. They can have a deep cavity capable of attracting bodies towards its center or just a depression in its central part. The origin of these eddies can be found in an irregularity of the underwater ground; in the action of the wind that impacts on the water; or in the collision between currents advancing in the opposite direction.
In the field of fiction it is common for eddies to be presented as a great danger to navigation and that they are even capable of “engulfing” large boats. In the real world, however, this is almost impossible.

This does not indicate, on the other hand, that water eddies cannot be impressive, or that there are no dangers related to their presence in the middle of a sea path. For example, in 2011 a group of scientists from North America discovered two eddies in the ocean Atlantic whose dimensions were around 400 kilometers in diameter.
According to certain meteorological conditions, fire eddies may exist , with the flames ascending vertically. Vapor eddies and dust eddies can also be recorded .
It is known as a whirlpool, on the other hand, the twisted bunching of hair . For example: "I have to cut my hair: I can no longer control my eddies" , "I am going to comb my eddy and I am ready to go . "
The swirl in the hair is one of the most annoying characteristics for people who care about their appearance, since it is an area of the scalp from which the hair grows in different directions, contrary to those of the rest of the hair. the head, thus undermining the neatness of a hairstyle. As with many of these phenomena, there is a series of studies in this regard, ranging from mere research to the search for absurd relationships between it and certain aspects of the person.
For example, research suggested that the sense of the whirlpool is linked to the hand we use to write; in other words, right-handers swirl to the right, and vice versa. More controversial and apparently unfounded is the one that proposes a relationship between the sense of the whirlpool and homosexuality.

Outside of pseudoscientific studies, science ensures that human beings are not the only animals in which eddies occur, and that in all cases they appear in the embryonic phase. The genes that determine the direction in which the hair will grow define this capillary rotation from that moment of development , and this leads us to a fundamental characteristic of the whirlpool: it cannot be modified.
Since eddy is a problem for many, there is no shortage of methods that seek to reverse or eliminate them altogether, but none of them achieve their goal . Its location can be the crown area, but also the neck or the front of the skull; In the latter case, it becomes especially difficult to style and maintain a bangs, as it tends to split in two or to rise from the position of the swirl.
Remolino, finally, can be a tumult or a confused congregation of people , gathered from something unforeseen: "A whirlwind of people immediately gathered around the deceased" , "At the exit of the stadium, the supporters of the Dutch team caused a whirlpool that destroyed everything in its path ” .

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