What is swelling?

What Does swelling Mean

The consequence of swelling is called bloating . The verb inflate , meanwhile, refers to increasing the volume of something from the incorporation of a fluid, air or other element.

For example: "Lactose makes my stomach bloat" , "I did not have great discomfort during pregnancy, although I suffered from swelling of the feet" , "The blow caused a swelling in my leg that lasted several days" .
A swelling can occur from multiple causes. The organism, when faced with a disease , an infection or a wound , reacts by swelling in some sector. The soft swelling generated by the serosity that infiltrates the cellular tissue, in this context, is known as edema .

The swellings, therefore, can be localized (when they affect an organ or a specific part of the body ) or generalized . It is usually a clinical sign that the doctor must interpret to make a diagnosis.
The poor circulation of blood and fluid retention are recurring motifs of swelling. This is why kidney failure, nephritis, thrombosis, and lymphatic obstruction are some of the disorders that cause swelling.
During pregnancy , it is common for women to experience swelling of the ankles and feet . This is because the uterus, when enlarging, presses on the veins, causing the blood return to the legs to be slower and the blood being retained in the tissues.
The abdominal swelling , finally, is also prevalent in both men and women. It is usually due to the accumulation of gases or liquids in the abdomen after excessive food intake and is reversed when digestion is complete.
Although traditional medicine has a large number of treatments to deal with simple situations such as localized swelling, many people do not resist the temptation to practice home medicine and this can lead to an effective cure but also to certain complications unnecessary. The use of medicinal plants is many times preferable to the consumption of drugs of industrial origin, but the problem is that we do not always find a reliable source of information and then we can worsen a mild condition.
One of the best tips to treat any imbalance in the body is to practice physical exercise frequently. We must not forget our origins: we are animals, we descend from beings that lived in nature, who climbed trees with the ease that we have today to walk on asphalt, who had to constantly move in search of food and shelter. Sport was something natural for our ancestors, and in our current state it still does not stop offering us endless benefits.

A swelling due to fluid or fat accumulation, for example, is an abnormality, something that does not meet the rules of normal body function, a biological alteration or a defect in the system . If we think that the body is perfectly capable of maintaining balance and correcting all the small problems that alter its normal form, then we must find a way to keep it active so that it takes care of the rest.
By means of a moderate exercise practice and according to our possibilities, the body is able to eliminate the swelling in a natural way, since the muscles release into the blood a series of substances with anti-inflammatory properties that stop the production of fat. Another tip to combat this and other disorders is to avoid stress , one of the worst evils of our era. As a complement to a positive and determined attitude, we can take advantage of yoga, relaxation and massage.

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