What is swarm?

What Does swarm Mean

A set of bees is called a swarm . The term is often used with respect to the group whose members leave the hive with the aim of forming a new colony .

Before proceeding with the definition of swarm, it is convenient to be clear about a series of concepts already mentioned. Bees are flying insects that produce honey and wax . The natural or built space where they live is called a hive, while the delimited territory in which they develop their life is called a colony.
When the colonies are saturated and there is no more space to collect honey or reproduce, a division naturally occurs: the swarm. A certain number of bees leave the hive together with the queen bee and settle in a nearby place. Then the scout bees are in charge of finding another suitable place for the creation of a new colony. In the original colony, meanwhile, a brand new queen occupies that position, replacing the old queen who migrated into the swarm.

When a beekeeper comes across a swarm resting on a plant, it is normal for him to do his best to capture it, since in this way he can win a new colony without investing money. To achieve this you must confine the group of bees in a brood chamber or a nucleus with squares of wax, and you can also use sugar syrup.
The time in which the swarms usually emerge is the period between spring and summer, which is precisely when the increase in population described above occurs. Although for an inexperienced person the capture may seem very difficult or even dangerous, for a beekeeper it is just one more activity of his work: he simply hits the bolus or shakes it and all the bees fall into the chamber or the core.
If this container is left in the same place for a while, the trapped bees may call in the freed ones to protect the queen; This is achieved by the workers using a pheromone through the Nasanoff gland .
For those who do not make a living from beekeeping, a swarm of bees can pose great danger. Therefore, if we find ourselves in the middle of nature, it is important to follow a series of instructions and tips to avoid getting injured:
* First of all it is recommended not to disturb bees, since they normally do not attack humans if they do not feel threatened ;
* We must get away from the swarm as soon as possible. If we see that the bees are following us, it is important to cover our face, especially the eyes, mouth and nose;

* Finding a shelter is the best option if we are chased by a swarm, and for this a building or a car can be used, where it is possible to close the passage tightly until the bees move away;
* Despite what is promoted in fiction, it is not advisable to submerge in water , since some bees are waiting for us to come out to attack us.
The idea of swarm has other uses in colloquial language. A swarm of individuals or animals is called a swarm . For example: “A swarm of people gathered at the door of the theater to see the singer closely” , “Be careful with that swarm of dogs” , “There is a swarm in this restaurant, we better go somewhere else” .
In Mexico , there is a dessert known as a chocolate swarm , which is usually made by mixing covered chocolate with corn. You can also add coconut, walnut, amaranth and other ingredients.

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