What is surrogacy?

What Does surrogacy Mean

The notion of surrogacy is associated with concepts such as surrogacy , surrogate mother , pregnant mother and other ideas that refer to the act that makes a woman when she agrees to take on your body an embryo that was conceived through the technique in vitro fertilization , by another person .

When a couple fails to conceive a child naturally, they can resort to different methods. Among them, there is the possibility of resorting to belly rental. In this way, you can establish a contract with a woman who agrees to carry an embryo in her uterus for it to develop . Thus, the pregnant mother carries out the pregnancy and, when the child is born, delivers it to the couple in question.

It is possible that, in this couple, the man contributes the sperm and the woman, the oocytes. Fertilization takes place in a laboratory and then the embryo is installed in the uterus of the surrogate mother.
Belly surrogacy involves various legal and ethical aspects. In some cases, it is a solidarity decision of the woman who contributes her body for the pregnancy to take place. In others, there is financial compensation from the couple who will keep the child towards the woman who rents her womb. In general, a contract is signed where the responsibilities and obligations of all parties are established, both during pregnancy and after childbirth.
Those who defend the surrogacy do so because it allows those who, due to certain circumstances, cannot be parents in a natural way. However, those who are against state that it involves making a large financial outlay that not everyone can afford because, among other things, it is only legalized in certain places on the planet.
Be that as it may, the truth is that, in recent years, it has gained special relevance and has even led to political parties that advocate allowing it.
Beyond emerging as an alternative to the eventual physical disability of a heterosexual couple, the rental of a belly is also chosen by homosexual couples to have children.
And not only that. There are also many single people who choose to resort to surrogacy, also called surrogacy, in order to have children and start their families. Specifically, this is something that more and more important figures in the world of cinema, television, music and even sport are doing.
Thus, we find that they have opted for this alternative from footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo to singers like Ricky Martin and Miguel Bosé through actors of the stature of Javier Cámara.
It is important to establish that this method of having offspring is not allowed in everyone. Hence, those who wish to use it to have children have to do so in countries where it is legal. Specifically, there are many celebrities in Spain who have chosen to use it in the United States because in their country of origin it is not allowed by law. Thus, they have done it from the singer Miguel Poveda to the television collaborator Kiko Hernández through the presenter Jaime Cantizano.

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