What is surgery?

What Does surgery Mean

The etymology of the term surgery goes back to the Latin word chirurgĭa , which in turn has Greek origin. Surgery is the branch of medicine that is dedicated to curing diseases through operations.

There are various branches of surgery. The general surgery handles gastrointestinal operations (stomach, spleen, pancreas, liver, etc.) and endocrine glands. It also covers non-cardiovascular thoracic surgeries.
The trauma or orthopedic surgery aims at solving problems of the musculoskeletal system, both of their muscular parts as bone or joint. These surgeries seek to solve acute, chronic, recurrent or traumatic injuries.

On the other hand, plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that has the objective of restoring or beautifying the shape of some part of the body . When it comes to beautification, the specialized branch is called cosmetic surgery .
It is important to highlight the fact that within this type of surgery we find a large number of operations with which anyone can look much more beautiful and attractive. Among them, some stand out that in recent years have experienced significant growth and are more in demand by those who dream of ending all their physical imperfections.
In this way, interventions such as the following should be highlighted:
Rhinoplasty. It is a surgical operation that is performed with the clear objective of modifying the structure of the nose so that it presents a much more harmonious appearance with the rest of the face.
Otoplasty. The so-called puff ears are those that are corrected with this aforementioned aesthetic intervention.
Lifting. This facelift, to eliminate wrinkles and look younger, has become one of the types of cosmetic surgery most demanded by both celebrities and ordinary citizens.
Breast augmentation. If there is an aesthetic surgical operation that has become common within the clinics of the field of surgery that concerns us, it is this and it is that many are the women who bet on increasing their breasts to feel more attractive. In this way, they put an end to a myriad of complexes that were present in their day to day.
Abdominoplasty. Reducing the volume of the abdomen is what is achieved with this surgery that is carried out using general anesthesia and that involves being in the operating room between two and four hours, approximately.
Although the origins of plastic surgery are not clear, certain hieroglyphs found in Egypt suggest that the first interventions for the repair of the nose took place in 3,000 BC .
At present, cosmetic surgeries are highly developed and are almost a common practice. Its social acceptance is so great that even girls want to undergo this type of surgery to imitate the beauty standards that are disseminated every day through the media.

In the case of minors, there is a controversy around the spread of cosmetic surgeries. For this reason, most countries require parental authorization to carry out such interventions.

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