What is suck?

What Does suck Mean

The notion of libar has its etymological origin in the Latin word libāre . The concept is often used to refer to what insects do when they suck nectar from flowers .

The sugary substance produced by nectaries is called nectar . The nectary, meanwhile, is a gland that has certain flowers.
The bees and other animals, in this framework, are in charge of sucking the nectar to feed themselves. This means that they gently suck on this juice. For flowers, the production of nectar is vital to attract insects that then carry out pollination (the transfer of pollen).

Take the specific case of bees . To be able to suck, the specimens have a proboscis , a kind of tongue of great extension. At the same time, they have mouthpieces that favor said suction. Depending on the length of the proboscis, the different types of bees are in a position to suck, or not, nectar from certain flowers: if the tongue is short, the sucking action is only possible in those flowers that have an open corolla.
Upon arriving at a flower, the bees test the quality of the nectar. When the nectar is according to their needs, they continue to go to that kind of flower to sip.
In colloquial language , on the other hand, libar is spoken of in relation to savoring a liquor or other beverage . A person who is dedicated to drinking something, what he does is taste it . For example: "My father taught me that you have to drink the liquor, not drink it in a hurry" , "In the restaurant they offered me a small glass to drink the new wine from the San Roque winery" , "You should not drink rum in hours of work ” .

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